Tips to Save Money on a Florida Vacation

There’s one thing for certain about a Florida vacation – it can cost a lot of money. The state in and of itself isn’t expensive, however. It’s all in how a vacationer chooses to spend their time and money. Methods exist for saving money while in the state. There are even tricks for saving vacation cash while in the big tourist spots.

Savvy vacationers do a little homework before heading the Sunshine State. Doing so can really add up in pennies – or more accurately dollars – saved.

Here are some tried and tested tips for saving some cash on a Florida vacation:

* Visit during the off season. It might be a little hotter, but the cash savings will add up quickly. Plus, the availability of some of the best rooms at lower rates and the fact lines tend to be a bit shorter at the bigger attractions really make this a worthwhile effort.
* Avoid food in the tourist areas, if possible. Unless it’s part of the fun of your vacation and an expensive you’ve budgeted for, try to avoid eating at the pricier destinations. When visiting theme parks, for example, leave the park for lunch or dinner and then come back. If it’s at all possible, this can mean some serious cash savings.
* Take advantage of buffets. Many of the big tourist spots, such as Orlando, have a plethora of buffet restaurants. Very reasonably priced, and sometimes even discounted or free if a vacationer looks for deals, these are great options for families that need to stay within budget on vacation.
* Check out some of the free or low costs sites as well. The museums, natural parks, botanical gardens and other attractions of Florida might not be the theme parks, but they are equally incredible. Many are worth a few hours’ time or at least a quick stop and most won’t cost a dime.
* Book ahead. If at all possible, book accommodations well in advance and check around for deals. Many hotels might not discount rooms, but they’ll offer discount tickets to the parks or complimentary meals at local buffets, sit-down restaurants and so on.
* Shop around for souvenirs. Unless it’s an item you just can’t live without, be a little picky about mementoes. Chances are you’ll find the item or something similar somewhere else down the road a little cheaper. Plus, you might just find something you like even better.
* Take advantage of auto club and other organization’s deals. These can be real money-savers. Make calls before you go to see what kinds of savings you can net.

No matter the destination in Florida, there are ways to save a little spending cash. Smart vacationers take advantage of coupons, discounts and freebies. There are there for the taking for those who know how to find them.