Tips to Maintain Your Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are commonly seen in many homes these days. They produce heat using electricity. They are preferred over traditional wood burning fireplaces because of their ability to function well with low maintenance. Using electric fireplace, you need not clean the ashes or replace the woods. However, ensuring proper maintenance of the fireplace will enhance its durability and efficiency.

Below are few tips to maintain electric fireplaces.

Check the power outlets: Check the power outlets into which your fireplace is plugged in to ensure proper functioning. The outlet is supposed to handle enough loads required by the fireplace and hence, it is advised not to plug in any other appliance which can increase load on the socket. Check and replace dysfunctional sockets periodically to avoid electrical shorts.

Also check the condition of wires and other electric components of your fireplace. If they are damaged, remove and replace them with new ones immediately.

Remove dust: Outer surfaces of the fireplace should be cleaned and vacuumed regularly to prevent dust accumulation. Even inside areas and the control compartment needs periodic dusting with soft and dry cloth. The front panel of fireplace is generally made of glass and hence requires a glass cleaner to clean it. You can also use mild liquid soap and water to clean the glass.

Never try to use abrasive cleaners on your electric fireplace as they may cause scratches on its surface. Clean it as gently as possible with mild cleaning solutions. Also make sure that the appliance is unplugged several hours prior to your cleaning.

Change the light bulbs regularly: Though changing the light bulbs will not affect the functionality of your fireplace, it is good to replace them in order to retain the natural look of burning woods. In general, an electric fireplace contains two or more bulbs and if any one of them burns out, the flame looks uneven. So, in order to maintain natural looking flame, it is essential to change the bulbs as recommended by the manufacturer or whenever they burn out.

Keep flammable objects away: Electric fireplaces are effective in warming up the rooms as well as the objects placed near them. Hence, it is better to keep flammable objects away from fireplaces as they may catch fire.

Also, it is essential to check for the objects around the fireplace which can cause electrical hazards. Make sure that the fireplace is placed away from objects like the fish tanks. Fabrics like door curtains and wall hangings can catch fire, and hence should not be used around fireplaces.

Replace old model: Old models generally consume more energy compared to new models. Many of the latest electric fireplaces are energy-efficient. Certain old appliances demand more maintenance without which they work less efficiently. Moreover, the latest models come with some extra features like blowing fan which expels the heat and warms up the space quickly.

Proper maintenance ensures consistency in the performance of your fireplace. It not only makes your fireplace functional, but also ensures durability.