Tips To Improve Treadmill Workouts

Your home treadmill should be a source for cardiovascular fitness and fat loss, not another place to hang your clothes. If your treadmill is lonely and gathering dust, this article will help you to realize its full potential.Try these tips to improve the effectiveness of your home treadmill.

1. Videotape your favorite TV shows and get on the treadmill to watch them. Wear wireless headphones if your family complains about the noise. It’s a lot of fun to enjoy your favorite TV show while on the treadmill. Time goes by much faster, and you can get 2 things done at the same time!

2. Rent or borrow long movies to watch in ½ hour segments. Can you think of a better way to boost your exercise intensity than watching short bursts of your favorite movies?

3. Hang a motivational poster. Something like “You become a success the moment you start moving toward your goal” can make you feel great every time you step on the treadmill. The motivation does not necessarily have to be exercise related, and can be work or family related. For example, you may want to have pictures of Oprah Winfrey, your own pictures when you were younger, or business goals on a chart to motivate you.

4. Talk to friends or family with a phone headset that allows you to swing your arms freely. If you have to be on the phone, use a headset. This allows free arm movement (arm swinging) while your legs are moving alternately.

5. Consider reading without interruption. Keep your private time private. Big-print books may be easier on your eyes. Get a reading rack to hold your material at your sporting goods store.

7. Hang a size-too-small article of clothing in front of your treadmill. Your mind is challenged to fit into those clothes, which will make your time on the treadmill all the more intense and focussed.

8. Turn on a music channel to power-up your workout, or listen to audio books. You can even burn your own audio cds, which can dictate the pace of your workout. Mix up slow and fast music to change the intensity of the music and your own exercise session.

9. Complete some household chores while on the treadmill – Load up the washer and dryer and walk until the clothes are finished, set the vegetables to roast on a slow cooker. This makes your treadmill timer your oven timer – walk until dinner’s ready.

10. Use treadmill time for reflection, meditation, etc. Recall aspects of your day and plan the next. The treadmill is a great way to reflect, because your body continues to burn calories while your mind is relaxed and gently rejuvenating itself for the day gone by, or the day ahead.