Tips To Create Better Bathroom Lighting

The first thing you need to do in working for the bathroom lighting is to determine whether you need more than one light fixture. Perhaps you may need to consider the size and floor plan of the bathroom to have wise decisions.

When people look into the mirror, they need lights that are bright enough to see their faces, yet the glow should be soft to emphasize the beauty features. Experts therefore recommend having natural light from windows, vanity for task lighting, and recessed light in the ceiling. Chandeliers could even be added for elegant lighting.

At most, bathrooms have divisions. Each area has its own purpose, which also requires proper bathroom lighting. In this case, one fixture, regardless of its size is not sufficient. You can start right by planning the lights needed for areas where bath tubs, shower stall, mirrors and sink are stationed.

Bathroom lighting fixtures are also a good match for your vanity mirrors. Women when they apply make-up and men when they shave need bright light for task lighting. However, it is a huge mistake to use very bright lights that are irritating to the eyes because such lights convey a message that people are under scrutiny.

Fixtures for Bathroom lighting on the side of the mirror must be set at eye level to make the lights effective. Different effects are created at different level. The perfect is not above and below people’s eye level. Another design is to present theatrical-style lighting with the fixtures can also do wonders to the mirror.

Some houses are built with country-style or colonial-style like the cottages or cabins. For its bathroom, rustic-style bathroom fixtures are a perfect match. There are many materials to choose from that suit the design of the bathroom.

Some bathrooms are large to accommodate chandeliers. The latest trend is to use it exactly above the bath tub. Chandeliers have many bulbs. Choose the one that has three bulbs, like a mini-chandelier. A dimmer switch allows people to adjust the lights for the ambience of bathroom.

Some bathrooms have allotted space for medicine cabinet, which also calls for proper bathroom lighting. It is important to have sufficient lighting over medicine cabinets to ensure clarity of the medicine. Recessed light or mini-bathroom fixture can do the job.

At daytime, natural lighting is very bright; it can be customized with blinds and curtains. This way, you are controlling the amount of light to penetrate the bathroom. Your privacy is also secured with the blinds or curtains. However, if the bathroom does not have windows, use skylight.

For theatrical effect, you can use incandescent bulbs for your bathroom lighting fixtures installed near the perimeter of the vanity mirror. However, for lesser heat output, you can use color-corrected or color-changing fluorescent bulbs.

If the bathroom has windows, it can be used to produce natural lighting to supplement existing light or to illuminate the room during daytime to dusky afternoon. Bathroom lighting can use help from natural source of light. It is also economically wise.

If you are a bit confused in such delicate task, bear in mind that comfort and convenience on top of safety are the elements that you should give weight in making decisions concerning bathroom lighting.