Tips to Crank Up Your Web Marketing

Experience is more or less defined as learning from your mistakes. Online, that can be an expensive proposition. To save you some money, here are a couple of things I have learned over the last 9 years.

1. Offering an Affiliate Program – Many sites consider the option of offering an affiliate program to get others to promote their sites. While this is pretty standard, make sure you are comfortable with others using your brand in just about any way you can imagine.

2. New Customers vs Old Customers – Many sites focus all there marketing efforts on getting new clients. While this is natural, it should not be done to the exclusion of old customers. Drip market on old customers by sending them discount and sale offers.

3. Keywords in Your Published Articles – If you publish articles to promote your site, be careful! If you put your main keyword phrases in the articles, the listings in the article directory may outrank you site!

4. First Internet Marketing Step – When it comes to internet marketing, the first step you should take is clear. Research! Figure out what keywords your prospects are using and incorporate them in your site.

5. File Names and Domain Names – When adding pages to your site, upload the file with dashes to the domain name. It should look like

6. Search Engines That Matter – There are tons of search engines out there, but only three matter – Yahoo, Google and MSN. They control most of the traffic on the web, so don’t make the mistake of focusing on other engines.

7. Your Business Domain Name – Using your business name as your domain is a no brainer for most people. Just make sure it is easy to remember and type in. Avoid using it if you have multiple words that end and start with the same letter.

8. Google vs Yahoo – Google and Yahoo are the two biggest search engines out there by traffic. There is really know competition, however. Focus your marketing on Google. Yahoo should be a secondary concern.

9. Perfect Internet Business – The perfect online business is whatever you love. It is going to take a lot of work, so figure out your interest and stick with it.

10. Converting at Christmas – During the holidays, people are compelled to buy. To evaluate your site, look at your conversion rate compared to other months. You should see your conversion rate improve by 100 percent during the season.

Opening an online site isn’t so much a business venture as it is a lifestyle. Regardless of how you try to resist it, your site will consume your attention and time. The above advice will hopefully make life a little cushier.