Tips To Buy Pop Up Display Stands

Pop up stands, which are also known as the portable display stands, have become great business promotional tools all over the world. These stands are a great way to display any corporate message, advertising or branding in a trade show or event. With the increase of the trade shows, the use of pop up stands has also increased. So, if you are going to launch a product, give marketing messages, introduce the company logos or services in the next trade show, it is most likely that you will be getting at least a few large display stands. But in order to use and select the right display stands, you should have some ideas about the Pop up stands.

Why should you opt for a pop up stand?

Pop up stands are great for displaying the products in an innovative and professional manner in a trade show. A trade show is a meeting place of both the consumers and the sellers. The consumers get the chance to compare different products and the manufacturers try to attract the possible customers by showing off their products and services. It gives them the publicity of their products. But the thing that great facilitates such displays is a pop up stand.

Where can you Use it?

Pop up stands, which are used for displaying graphics and attractive photos of the products, are ideal for use in any public gathering such as exhibitions, conferences, training events, sales meetings, reception areas, and retail outlets.

How the pop up stands work

Pop up stands are designed to hold as well as display printed flexible graphics, which are placed by a top, and bottom rail. Pop up stands come in a variety of sizes and styles. But pop up stands are very lightweight and therefore easily portable. This portability makes it easy for an exhibitor, trainer or sales person to transport the pop up stands to any event and work alone. Pop up stands are also very flexible, if you want to add new graphics. These display stands also take up very little space and re-usable. A pop up stand usually takes 10 minutes to erect.

Come in different types and sizes

Pop up stands come in two basic types: Graphic and Fabric (velcro friendly).
The Graphic stands, which work using an expanding frame, which holds printed graphic panels, are made of high-resolution graphics to attract large crowds. These stands form a seamless display. Fabric stands, which are made of Velcro for display panels, work by an expanding frame, which holds fabric panels to form a seamless backdrop. If you want a larger display, you can link some Pop up display models together to provide a bigger display area.

How to buy a pop up stand

There are many online shops of the pop up stands. But before buying a pop up display from an online shop, you should be careful about certain things. You should ask the seller where your stand would be printed. You should be very careful about the quality of the printing. Two other factors about the pop up stands are material used for a pop up stand and also the laminated display stand. Be sure to buy a stand made of thick material. Your pop up stand also should come laminated.

So, if you are on the lookout for a perfect thing to display your company’s products and services in the next trade show, you can easily opt for a pop up stand.