Tips to Attract High Quality Women

If your goal is to attract high quality women and get into a relationship, you will need to create your own high quality life to match. That does not mean you have to be Mr. GQ but it does mean that you need to be able to offer her something that she finds interesting and attractive. Of course, because this differs from one woman to another, we wanted to address some of the areas of your life you might work on so you can capture the heart of a high quality woman.

You need to lead a life of integrity. If you are hanging around with the corner hoodlums, dealing in shaky business, or living by sub par standards, then the chance of attracting a high quality woman is probably nil. You want to show women that you are honest, respectful, and have a tremendous amount of integrity.

Similar to integrity, your lifestyle will dictate the type of person you are. For example, if you spend every weekend in the bars, strip clubs, or the like, then again, you will not have many, if any, high quality women seeking you out. However, if you visit nice venues, listen to quality jazz bands, or get involved with honorable activities such as Habitat for Humanity or some other charity work, then you can be sure the right type of women will notice.

Okay, so you are interested in a beautiful woman, someone who takes tremendous care of the way she looks and dresses! Great, but in return, you need to offer her the same. Keep in mind that appearance is not so much about a person’s looks but personal hygiene. Dressing as if you are important, keeping your nails trimmed and cleaned, and making sure nose hairs are gone are small things but important things.

Just as the old saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together”…women of high caliber, those who expect good and do whatever it takes to achieve high goals will search out men who are the same. The higher quality of life you lead the higher quality women you will attract, it is truly that simple.

Of course, you do not want to be something you are not but you can take your existing life and make it even better. Living a high quality life means building on the good things already in place. You can focus on things you enjoy to keep things real but choose ways of bettering yourself to make you more desirable by high quality women. This may include going back to school, taking up a new hobbit, getting involved with a local charity, and so on.