Tips To A Stress-Free Lifestyle

Do you feel harassed? Are you anxious? Do you often feel overwhelmed or dumbfounded? Take note: You might be experiencing the most common dilemma of the modern times, called STRESS.

Researchers agree that a stressful lifestyle leads to any or a combination of the four infamous illnesses: high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar level, high cholesterol, and excessive weight. The last one is most visible on the mid-section of the body, which is the belly.

There is no need to despair though. On the contrary, you have every reason to rejoice by just following these simple tips to a stress-free lifestyle:

Tip # 1

Keep a cool disposition.

A goal-oriented person is prone to stress. Goal-oriented persons are mostly engaged in activities marked by high expectations, almost impossible deadlines, and pressure build-ups. The same holds true for the workaholics.

Most self-help books advice readers to have goals. However, unrealistic goals bring about stress. The good news is that stress can be controlled in pursuit of a goal.

Make your goals realistic; and likewise, allot a realistic time frame. Manage disappointments and learn to control your temper.

Restrain yourself from keeping ill feelings and disappointments within your system. Gradually unload them. Accumulated ill will tends to magnify in time. If pressure builds up, it is bound to explode and your physical well being will be affected.

Tip # 2

Don’t stay depressed. Lighten up. Find ways to lift up that downhearted mood. If that mood meter is always on the depressed mode, find ways to shift it to a happy one.

An effective antidote against a depressive mood is exercise. Go walking, hiking, or jogging. Physical activity will keep you out of depression, and will make your mind optimistic and active.

Tip # 3

Look at your self in front of the mirror. Do you have a fat belly?

Women with thirty-five inches and men with at least forty inches waistline must find ways to shed off these inches of fat in the mid-section of the body. Dieting and exercise are the best solutions to counter that ballooning belly.

A meal of fruits and vegetables, combined with foods rich in whole grain, is your best option. Minimize your intake of salt, sugar, and monosodium glutamate (msg). Stay away from saturated fats as much as possible.

Tip # 4

If you easily get hungry and are able to digest food in a short period of time, you should congratulate yourself!

You have a fast metabolism because your body easily burns and digests the food you eat. This is predominant among young people. This explains why teenagers have high energy. But as the body ages, the rate of metabolism starts to decrease and you will actually feel this. This is the reason why you need to move and exercise more to burn the food you eat. The more energetic you are, the happier and less stressful your life will be.

Tip # 5

Heavy drinking, smoking, and high caffeine consumption can take its toll to your body. Smoking promotes high level of cortisol, resulting to layers of abdominal fat. As for alcohol and coffee, they must be taken in moderation to avoid experiencing heart problems.

On top of all of these, look at life in a lively and light manner. Try your best to suppress depressive emotions and fill in your mood with joyful thoughts. Yes, it is possible to live a stress-free lifestyle. You can do it!