Tips- Strategies For Parents To Help Kids In Their Homework

Many would agree that parenting is one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences any parent could ever experience. This is because the future of any child will greatly depend on what kind of parenting his or her parents practiced. Good parenting is equally important especially is the child is ready for schooling since parents would be expected to be involved with activities such as helping them with homework.

If you are one of those parents who are having a difficult time in helping their kids with their assignments, the best way to go about is find a schedule solely for this activity. This is very important for kids because if they know that their parents would take a tine off just to help them out with their homework, they will gain more confidence in doing their future homework on their own.


Many parents would agree that the number hindrance for them to help their kids in their homework would be lack of time. This is because majority of the parents nowadays are working to make both ends meet for their respective families. But, this doesn’t mean that lack of time would be an excuse not to help the child in his or her homework.

If you are one of those parents who would want to help their kids on their homework despite busy schedule, here are some strategies that might work for you and for your child:

1. Try to ask your child to summarize his or her homework for the day. This is important because you are not only training your child to put things in order but you are also making the task at hand easier for the both of you. Ask your child to summarize her or his homework before you get home after work so you can read it as soon as you get to the house and attend to it. If you already have a summary of the assignments of the child, it will be easier for you what to look for. This will also give you more time to research when the homework is quite technical or needs further explanation.

2. Get the child’s understanding of the list of homework. To avoid spoon feeding of information when you help your child do his or her homework, try to get the child’s understanding of the assignment. Through this, you will know where the child should improve on in terms of looking at situations in or outside the school.

3. Let the child do the homework on his or her own first. This is very important so the child would understand that although you are giving him or her homework help, it doesn’t mean that you will be the one who will do the assignment and finish them for the next day’s class. It is very important to make the child understand that you are just there to provide help or assistance and she or he must be the one who will do the bulk of the homework and not you.

4. Have breaks during “homework help sessions.” Some kids get easily tired if they are bombarded with so many information at school and even at work. To avoid the child from getting bored when you help him or her on doing the homework, give breaks at least every 20 minutes and let the child do what he or she loves to do.