Tips On Writing Pregnancy Journal

Pregnancy brings a significant turning point to a woman with strange feelings and changes – many note them down in a pregnancy journal. As you start facing a plethora of changes in your body and mind you might not have experienced before, you need to record them. Writing a journal and making an entry of each of the symptoms keep your experiences registered securely. Now, when it comes to writing this journal, many starts wondering about the ABC and XYZ of writing pregnancy journal; these tips will help them sail through smoothly.

What You Should Not Forget While Writing A Pregnancy Journal

Thousands of apprehensions and expectations bubble in a pregnant woman’s heart as she comes across each trimester or stage of pregnancy. Pen down what have been pent up in your heart in a pregnancy journal. Begin with the reaction when your pregnancy was confirmed and how you took it, whether for surprise, shock or felt elated as the fruit of planning.

Your journal can be a guiding source of your dear ones when they get pregnant if you write how emotionally you prepared yourself for accepting the pregnancy that came as a surprise. Not just your friends or close ones, journal written during your pregnancy can be a good source of information and self help guide for your subsequent pregnancy.

Things To Avoid While Writing Pregnancy Journal

Writing a pregnancy journal necessarily includes writing some of the personal issues that you may not feel comfortable of writing. If you have skipped any such pregnancy experiences while writing journal, then you should not have. Do not impose self-censoring restrictions as it might exclude important hints and records that could help you in your next pregnancy.

Secondly, your pregnancy journal is definitely not a relishing article to take pleasure, rather a very much informative source. So, the journal is not required to be smart, funny or a literature. Avoid making it a story, write whatever comes to your mind as you experience them to make it a fact based journal with a touch of your unique personal outlook and feelings of motherhood.

Imagine, down the 15 or 20 years later how your children will envision about what your dreams and experiences were during carrying them in your womb. Your children might follow your footsteps to cope up with the difficulty of pregnancy along with feeling oneness by feeling similar sheer ecstasy of pregnancy as you did while carrying them.