Tips On How To Get The Best Online Psychic Reading

When you get a psychic reading online, it is much different than going to a psychic for a face-to-face reading. It may seem a bit impersonal. There is really no difference, it just seems strange when you have only had experience with an in-person reading.

Before you contact the online psychic:

– Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. This helps to calm you. Focus your sight or mind on something peaceful, watch the birds outside or close your eyes and visualize a calm lake.

– As you are getting your computer up and running or while you are waiting for the website to come up, relax and trust in the process.

– Many sites have several psychics and more than one type of reading available. Take your time to choose, and focus on the question you wish answered.

– Once you make your choice, concentrate on the question you intend to ask.

– You have focused your energy on this particular question and the universe will pick up on this. A computerized reading will still be a success.

Some sites offer free computer generated psychic readings. Once you receive an online reading you will be able to see how the answers you receive apply to the problem or question you have brought to the reading.

Certain numbers on Tarot cards represent certain areas of your life.

– 1’s or Aces mean there will be a new beginning. This could be a new love, new business relationship, new career, new environment or even a new way of looking at life. This is not positive or negative and it depends on what you are focused on and what you do with this information. If you have a plan and have been agonizing over going ahead with it, an ace is always a sign to go for it.

– 2’s are a bit different. The 2 of cups is related to love or any relationship, it could indicate the relationship you have with yourself. The 2 of swords, wands, and pentacles all indicate a decision that needs to be made.

– 3’s are all about a plan you have already put into action, the 3 that comes up for you will tell you how your plan is working and what stage you are at in that plan.

– 4’s mean a need to bring things together. You need to get organized and be happy for what you have already built in your life. These are cards of rest and show stability, they indicate it is time to stop and count your blessings.

– 5’s tell you there will definitely be a change in your life. It is your responsibility to go along with this change and make it a smooth transition.

– 6’s are always a good thing to see in a psychic reading. If you get a 6 it means you are on the right path and headed in the right direction.

– 7’s tell you of obstacles in your path. These are obstacles you can overcome and come out on top.

– 8’s are the cards of inner strength. These cards are telling you that within you lies the strength to get out of a bad situation no matter what you think. You may feel trapped but you are able to find your way out.

– 9’s are telling you to pause and listen to your inner voice before you complete the project you are involved in.

– 10’s are the sign that lessons have been learned and are done with. They may seem to be a bad card, but they are simply saying the lesson has been learned.