Tips on How Can You Apply Your First Aid Training On Dogs

No one wants to get involved in any emergency case. In fact, this is something that is never wished for and appreciated. After all, who would want to see blood dripping, witness someone who gets broken bones, or even for a short while entertain the thought that someone has just stopped breathing and may die at any moment? All of these are gross things to keep in mind. However, accidents simply happen for no apparent reason. They can never be predicted too.

Thus, this calls for someone to become an expert in handling cases as such. Come to think of it, an ordinary individual who knows nothing about the remedies and other lifesaving techniques will entirely be confused and shocked whenever something like this takes place. However, a person who has an adequate background on first aid training can make a difference. He can definitely save the day and the life of any living being.

One of the most serious things that can ever occur is for someone to stop breathing. As you know, the lack of oxygen in the brain area can bring a total damage to the person. This can be true even when the insufficiency of air only takes place for a few seconds. Now here is an important catch. You know for a fact that people who stop breathing must be revived using CPR. But how about when it is a dog that meets this circumstance? What if your dog suddenly stops barking and breathing too? What if it suddenly chokes? What measures could you apply? Don’t panic because an ample training on first aid will definitely guide you.

What causes a respiratory problem among dogs?

One of the major reasons on why dogs go through a respiratory problem is because of a blockage in their airways. It is common for a dog to swallow his own tongue if suddenly he becomes unconscious. If this happens, it is important for you to clear his airway by applying the first aid meant for dogs and then revive him. You must let him breathe again by attempting some lifesaving techniques.

How do you attempt to let your dog breathe again?

A dog’s respiratory problem is just the same with what human beings actually go through. Therefore, the course of your attempt must be in the same pattern with the way human beings are being revived. You should listen to your pet’s heartbeat, feel for his pulse, and look for the indications that he is still breathing. Here is the highlight of this technique. When there is no sign of respiration, you should already give him a heart massage and that kiss of life or what is known as the mouth to mouth resuscitation.

What should you be careful about?

You do know that dogs are often the first targets of burglars. They guard your property and your life so at any rate, the bad guys will aim at them and try to weaken them. If you do suspect that your beloved pet has been poisoned, don’t attempt to do any artificial respiration. This will only expose you to danger. You can try giving him a heart massage and look for indications that he has swallowed something. Be quick in taking him to the vet who is the qualified individual who can give the best medical care.

You have to take care of your dog the way it takes care of you. Therefore, express your concern by attending some first aid training that specializes in treating pets.