Tips on Getting Wallpapers Inside your iPhone

Bored with how technical and standardized your iPhone is? Put some life to it. Add glimmer to the background or set really cool wallpapers to tease your eyes. You can do this in 3 easy steps. After that, you can enjoy any kind of wallpaper that your heart desires – animals, cartoons, movie logos, artists, nature and the list goes on. If you are having difficulties in managing your wallpaper and don’t have a clue on how to set things your way, then give a minute of your time to ponder on these steps. The choice of wallpaper will always be based on your preference.

Step 1 – Find a wallpaper source.
This wouldn’t be tough. You can surf through the internet or individually take it from your phone’s memory. Once you have found the wallpaper of your dream, save it to your PC or Mac through your web browser. How do you go about this?

1. Right click on the picture or wallpaper that you like. Click on the icon that says “Save” which you will find on the right corner of the image chosen. Automatically, the wallpaper will be saved inside your device’s hard drive. Usually, it depends on the settings of your browser on how the image will be saved to a location or prompt the file without minding the default.

2. If you are a Mac user, you can choose to save the wallpaper to a certain folder or add it up to the photo library. If you are a PC user, you can save it in a folder preference or direct it to the folder which states “My Pictures”.

3.You can do the syncing in iPhoto, on a Mac, or even Photoshop and similar elements. You can also sync any kind of folder that contains the desired image.

Step 2 – Connect.
Next, you have to connect your phone to your computer. To do this, launch iTunes and then click on the tab indicating “Photos” then select “Sync from”. Based on the menu which popped-up, you are to do one of the following: choose iPhotos for Mac users or Photoshop for PC users. Choose a certain folder. Choose the “selected folders” or “albums” or “all photos” that you wanted to sync.

Step 3 – No sweat
After the endless saving and choosing of different apparent options, you are now on your final stage of your journey. Click on the icon “Photos”. By browsing through the different albums, pictures and camera roll, you’ll be able to find the picture that you want. Select that particular picture so it will be displayed in a larger size or full screen. Click on the icon that is found at the lower corner of the window. Don’t see the icon? Tap on the picture once in order to display the desired menus. Select the icon saying “select as wallpaper” then set it.

You can do the process all over again if you think that you want to change your wallpaper. This process also applies in iPod touch although there are certain situations which you will encounter that is not very similar to that of doing it to an iPhone.

This kind of customizing will give you more edge and adhere to expressing how your iPhone should be like. Don’t settle with the conventional type. Be different.