Tips on Frequency Of Dog Breeding

When is the best time to breed a bitch? Studies reveal that in order to ensure the health of the mother dog and her puppies, breeding should only take place one the bitch is two years old. After that, breeding can be repeated in alternate years. Just like humans, female dogs should have adequate rest after giving birth; otherwise, her health can be compromised. Dog breeding requires perfect timing and during this time, the female dog is already prepared mentally.

Once the bitch reaches complete physical growth, she is ready to become pregnant. Certain breeds are prone to hip dysplasia and in order to be certified that such breeds are free from any problem, they should be two years or older. If you want, you can also send the hip X-ray f your dog to OFA to get accurate evaluation. If OFA claims that the X-ray is fine, you can start breeding your dogs. A local veterinarian evaluation is not enough to get the certification needed and you can only get it through OFA. Perhaps you’ve already heard about vets who pronounced ‘wonderful X-rays’ for dysplastic dogs which compromised the health of both the mother and pup.

Breeding frequency should be kept low as much as possible. Even if you’re planning to breed at maximum, you should see to it that you establish intervals between breeding. By doing so, your female dog can regain her strength because she is able to rest completely. If the female dog gets pregnant frequently, she will produce weaker puppies which can eventually die after birth or perhaps defective ones. You see, frequent pregnancy can be quite tough on the part of your female dog.

All the necessary certifications should be met before breeding any dog. Female dogs have a lot of requirements and certifications. Male dogs don’t have a particular ‘maturity time’ and they can be bred at any time. Still, the stud should be checked regularly to ensure that there are no problems or health conditions involved. Frequency of breeding among male dogs is also not an issue not unless you plan to breed your stud everyday. Try to establish an interval so that you won’t encounter any sperm-production related problems. If you’re going to subject your stud to frequent breeding, you should ensure the finest feeding program.

Once the female gets pregnant, you should practice extra care. Regular vaccinations are required as well as medications. You need to ensure that the female dog gets her shots and supplementary foods. Veterinary care is needed at this time because miscarriages can also occur. During pregnancy, the female can also encounter some problems like illnesses, infestations, and diseases. With a vet ready to provide excellent services, any emergency situation can be handled effectively.

Watch out for mummy puppies and water puppies. The first is appears like a mummy as the name suggests. The pup did not develop properly and it appears like a rotten pup upon birth. This is often caused by inadequate care and over-breeding. The latter is an underdeveloped puppy and appears like a gelatin and it is said to be related to viral exposure.

Frequency of dog breeding should be determined before you start any breeding program. The health of both female and male dogs should be considered to ensure the production of healthy and playful puppies.