Tips on First Aid Training – How To Apply It On Your Pet Cat

Do you have pets at home? Who said that only humans are prone to accidents? Your pets are likewise subject to the most unwanted mishaps. Like ordinary human beings, they also get injured. They fall and break their bones too. Therefore, they need medical attention. If you are a cat owner, you should have noticed the frequency of accidents with which your cat gets involved in. Your kitty may fall off the area where it is playing. In case that your veterinarian is yet far from reach, you have to apply the first remedy to at least ease the suffering of your beloved pet. It is for this reason that the first aid training can be of great help to a pet owner like you. You should know how to perfectly manage an emergency circumstance and be effective in providing the urgent treatment.

Common Emergency Issues among Cats

Your cat can get exposed to several accidents. It may get broken bones as it climbs, jumps, or as it gets involved in a road catastrophe. However, it is not your duty to mend its broken bone. It has to be taken care of by a qualified veterinarian. All that you can do is to stop any bleeding by means of using cold water or ice. After which, you have to get medical help for your pet.

Another issue that may bother you is choking. Sure enough, cats love to play and put things inside their mouth. The problem arises when they get very small objects and they choke. If this happens to your cat, you have to open its mouth using a gentle movement and try to get a glimpse of the object. Never make the mistake of tilting its head backwards. If the object is visible, you may remove it using a pair of tweezers or via using your fingers. Also, ensure that you are not going to push the object downward or you will simply worsen the situation. Hold your cat upside down and then press on the chest using both of your hands. After removing the object, it is still safe to see the vet so your cat can be examined.

Then there is the case of an electric shock. Little kittens are fond of biting things as a form of playing. This may become serious when it bites an electric wire. The electric shock can eventually produce the burns on the palate of the mouth or tongue which may then lead to some difficulties in breathing or pain in the mouth area. Never touch your pet as it is still touching any exposed electric wire or you will likewise get electrically shocked. You have to turn off the current and then take your cat away from the wire using a wooden stick. After which, you should go to the vet immediately.

Then there is the case of an eye injury. When there is bleeding in the eye area, you can wipe the blood using wet cloth. Don’t allow your cat to rub on its eyes. Likewise, never apply any form of medicine without the vet’s advice.

All these and more can only be performed enthusiastically and confidently if you are yourself trained in first aid. The training itself will help you in handling emergency situations that involve both people and animals. So, why not take up first aid training now?