Tips on First Aid Training For Lifeguards Is A Must

Who is a lifeguard? What role does he have to portray? How necessary is the first aid training for him? You surely are familiar with the now defunct television series called Baywatch, right? You have seen those gorgeous hunks and babes who carried around their life buoys and who immediately jumped into the water to save those who are in dire need. However, being gorgeous is not a basic requirement for someone to become a lifeguard. What is very important is that he knows how to swim to the rescue of the victim and then apply the necessary first aid as a lifesaving technique.

Nevertheless, the lifeguard is an individual who is held responsible in overseeing the safety of the users of any body of water and surveying the location to make sure that everything is in order. There has to be a lifeguard in a water park, a swimming pool, and of course, a beach. It is the duty of this person to ensure that the users are not only enjoying but are also far from any sort of harm.

Lifeguards vs. Life Savers

Generally, it has to be understood that lifeguards have their own distinction from the lifesavers. They are qualified as strong swimmers who have been trained in water rescue, the use of different aids and equipment, and of course they are knowledgeable in the performance of first aid. Meanwhile, the life savers are the people who are tasked to do the same thing but are actually involved in this activity as a form of sport or simply as a practical life skill.

At any rate, there are instances when the lifeguard service extends to carrying out mountain rescues and primary EMS.

A Look at the Main Role of Lifeguards

Basically, a lifeguard has the main responsibility to look after the safety of the people in any water area. Being a lifeguard is a career but for some they do this as a volunteer work. To become certified, one has to go through a comprehensive training. Part of which is the educational information, provision of the warnings, supervision, and training in survival skills. All of these should be learned lengthily so that there will be higher chances of preventing drowning in their respective areas of responsibility.

A good lifeguard is measured not through the number of persons he has saved or the number of skills that he can execute. The basis for which is the absence or the reduction of the cases of accidents, drowning, and other forms of medical emergencies. Whenever necessary, this person should be able to perform his duty effectively.

His Basic Duties

If the lifeguard is stationed on a beach, he has to perform the following duties:

He has to maintain a close look at his area and anticipate problems and therefore apply the necessary precautions.
He has to be alert in identifying the type of emergency so he could execute the necessary actions.

He has to supervise the equipment for emergencies.

He must be ready to apply the necessary first aid to any given situation.

He must be well-versed in how to communicate with the people especially to the medical service team.

Lifeguards are the people to trust especially in any form of water area. Hence, it is a must for someone to get the first aid training as completely as possible to alleviate any emergency situation.