Tips on First Aid Training – Addressing Dog Bites

Accidents come and go without you knowing when they will occur. They range from the minor up to the very serious ones. There are times when they can even become fatal. Will they be prevented from claiming someone’s life? Yes, it is possible only if you have the knowledge on how to apply first aid. Now how about if it is something that has to do with an animal bite? Dog bites are one of the scariest emergency cases to encounter. As you know, dogs have rabies.

If someone gets bitten by a dog and first aid treatment is not administered at once then it can truly become dangerous on the victim’s health. Getting bitten by a dog can bring about what is known as rabies infection. If things get out of hand and are not controlled using professional medical approach, then the infection may affect the overall health of the victim. First aid training, on the other hand, is one way of combating the heinous effect of dog bites.

Do all dogs have the tendency to bite?

Not all dogs tend to attack and bite. There are some that are tamed enough while there are those that can bite with even the slightest provocations. It is not also a guarantee that being the dog owner can save you from dog bites. Your pet may become aggressive as well and do violence to you.

Are dog bites generally dangerous?

What is dangerous is the bite that has been inflicted by a dog that is a rabies virus carrier. When this happens, an immediate medical measure should be undertaken to further obstruct the rise of the secondary infection as brought about by tetanus.

What are the indications of the infection?

Among the common indications that there is indeed an infection include swelling, heat, redness, and weeping pus.

What has to be done after being bitten by a dog?

The wound itself has to be cleaned of the dog’s saliva especially if the latter is suspected as rabid. The used cloth must not be touched at all. Wash the wound using running water and soap.

After drying it up, the lesion must not be closed especially if it is a puncture wound. If there is some laceration or cut, cover it using a dry dressing.

Go to the nearest hospital for a more professional medical touch. The doctor will have to administer a tetanus vaccine injection.

The dog has to be checked by a vet for further indications of rabies. The normal observation takes for about 10 up to 15 days. An infected dog develops the symptoms in 10 days. This has to be coordinated with the owner to check if the dog had received the pertinent vaccines.

While it is true that dogs are men’s best friends, it doesn’t follow that they can’t be your enemies too! It is impossible for people to do away with canines as pets. However, since they may or may not get too attached with one another, there comes the tendency for the pets to become aggressive. There are dogs that exhibit aggressiveness simply because they are often hurt. On the other hand, they naturally get provoked by total strangers. At times they find it hard to contain their fierceness that they end up biting people.

In this case, the first aid training is valuable enough to guide you on how to take care of dog bites.