Tips on Dog Breeding Tips

Dog breeding is a tough decision. Not many individuals are interested in it because of the hard work and cost it entails. It’s natural to feel uneasy especially if this is your first time. To guide you, make use of the following helpful dog breeding tips.

Finding a mate – this is a very important task. You need to consider the female dog that you currently have. Try to imagine the puppies that your dog is going to give birth to. Find a suitable mate so that you will have good-looking pups.

The health of the female or mother dog – to ensure success in dog breeding, you should ensure the health of the female. A healthy pregnancy will give you healthy puppies. Giving birth will also be easier for your dog. Consult a vet and ask for the right kind of supplements to ensure proper nutrition.

It is also a good idea to maintain a record of the female and male dogs. It will serve as a history record of the behavior of the dogs. Take note of the times when the female is in heat; as well as medical issues and changes in the behavior.

Dog breeding will also require you to keep a good relationship with the vet. You will need his or her help during breeding, pregnancy, and when the dog finally gives birth. New pups should be closely observed by the vet to detect any abnormalities or problems.

Female dogs are usually prone to reproductive problems while male dogs are not that susceptible. Problems with female canines can be corrected easily but in the case of male dogs, like that of reproductive organ infections, low sperm, anatomical defects, hypothyroidism, spinal arthritis, and brucellosis should be addressed as soon as possible because this may affect the breeding interest of the male dog.

Failed breeding among females is primarily caused by wrong timing. Female dogs experience a long period of heat and so it can be a daunting to task to identify the perfect timing without the use of hormone tests. Ask your vet about the perfect timing for breeding. You’re in luck if you get it the first time. When the female dog reaches one year, she will start heating up but this is still not the best time to start breeding. You need to wait until she reaches two years or so.

The heat’s duration ranges from 10-12 days and it starts when you see the first appearance of blood. The female acts differently and you can easily notice changes in the behavior and temperament. Put the male and female dog together for a couple of days. You need to ensure perfect timing because you can repeat it again after six months.

When the female gets pregnant, your vet can tell after 22 days. You can now start looking for the new owners of the puppies. After several months, you can already give the puppies to the new owners.

Breeding is natural but you need to ensure that the environment is secured and safe. Perfect timing will also give you additional income when the puppies are finally sold to the new owners. Dog breeding is rewarding but you should be willing to spend time, effort, and money before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Start now and look for the perfect mate.