Tips on Dog Breeding – The Importance Of Medical Checks

When breeding dogs, you need to have a stud and a bitch. Without them, you can’t produce puppies. Since the two dogs will serve as your tool to have puppies, you need to have them regularly checked. Medical checks are extremely important to ensure the health and overall condition of your dogs. If you want to become a full time breeder or you simply want to produce additional dogs for your family, you should know a great deal about dog breeding. If this is your first time, then you still have a lot to learn.

You can’t produce healthy puppies if there is sterility problems involved. If one or both parents have sterility problems, the puppies have very little chance of survival. They may be aborted or they can die later on. Are you aware that this condition can be transmitted to humans through feces or urine? This is true and as a dog breeder, you should be aware of it and not only that, you should also be extra careful when handling them. The condition is called brucellosis and it can also be transmitted to other dogs through sexual intercourse or through secretions found in the kennels of the affected dog. Vaccinations are important to ensure that the male dog is in general good health and the female should have the capacity to withstand the rigors and stresses of pregnancy.

Aside from brucellosis, you should also look out for other conditions that can compromise the health and safety of your dogs. Some dogs are deaf. Although it is hard to tell at first, with close observation, you may be able to identify this problem immediately. Have your dog undergo BAER test and if your pet is truly deaf, you should have your dog neutered.

Who says heart conditions are only for humans? Well, dogs can also suffer heart conditions. A very common example of a heart condition is the SAS or Subaortic Stenosis. Other problems are caused by malformations of the valves or the heart itself.

Other diseases to watch out for are Willebrand’s disease, hemophilia, digestive problems, malabsorptive syndromes, epilepsy, allergies, and incorrect temperament.

Dog breeding is not a very easy activity. Whether you’re doing it to earn extra income or just a simple past time, you should ensue the health of the stud and bitch, as well as their future puppies. Breeding involves a lot of research work. You should know a lot about the ancestors of your dog breeds. You can conduct an online research or you can read good books on dog breeding. If you can consult an expert breeder, you may do so because you can learn a lot from the pros. You can’t get it all the first time but if you’re in luck, a litter of healthy and cute puppies are guaranteed. Learn everything and don’t hesitate to exert a little effort. If you educate yourself, you will not find it hard to deal with dog problems.

Medical checks and dog breeding go hand in hand. You can’t possibly produce healthy puppies if you don’t have good male and female dogs. Find a local vet who can help you with the regular check ups of your precious pets. Now that you know the importance of regular check ups, make sure that you include it in your list of priorities.