Tips on Dog Breeding – Pros And Cons

In every activity, there will always be pros and cons. This is also true with dog breeding. As the breeder, you need to weigh these things before you finally set out to breed dogs.

If you think that dog breeding is inexpensive, you’re very wrong. It involves a lot of responsibilities and tasks that you need to carry out without delay. Health considerations are also vital and this should be closely observed both in the female and male dogs. The final decision should only be made after careful thinking and discussion with family members and of course, your vet.


Here are the pros or positives in breeding a female dog. It’s really rewarding to be able to produce the best-standard puppies. The feeling is also different once you find a suitable home for the pups. Make sure that you choose only the loving and caring individuals so that your puppies won’t end up in animal shelters.

You may be able to develop championship lines of dogs. The kennel will have increased awareness if one of your pups is proclaimed champion.


As a breeder, you need to be aware that different dog breeds have different unique characteristics and issues. As a breeder, there are certain negatives or drawbacks that you may encounter.

Stud services are quite costly especially the popular and experienced ones. If you want to opt for the championship bloodline, you will need to spend hundred to thousands in order to access a purebred male.

The female dog is weaker than the male and so she is more prone to health risks. Some female dogs get injured during mating while others develop certain conditions which can threaten the life of your bitch. When left unsupervised, your dog may die while giving birth to the puppies. It requires a lot of your attention which is inconvenient on your part especially if you have other things to attend to.

Once the female is impregnated, you will incur additional vet expenses because the female needs to be checked regularly. You will also pay for the vaccinations, shots, and other vet costs. It can reach thousands of dollars depending on how frequent you visit the vet’s clinic.

There will always be health issues concerning the puppies. If you want, you can make arrangements with the owner of the stud just in case health problems arise after the birth of the pups. Besides, problems or faults are usually attributed to the male.

Feeding and vaccinations of the pups are costly as well. You must give only good quality pup foods and at the same time, you should also make sure that the female regains her strength. Again, you need to go back often to the vet’s clinic.

In most females, there is the possibility of ongoing health problems. Be on the look out for breast cancers and ovarian cancers because females who gave birth are more prone to such conditions.

Have you tried computing the costs of dog breeding? If you’re going to do it for business, the income you might earn may not be enough to cover the expenses not unless you’re going on large-scale breeding. However, if you’re going to breed for personal reasons, it’s a rewarding activity.

So, is dog breeding right for? Think about it and carefully consider the pros and cons involved.