Tips on Dog Breeding For Conformation And Performance

The most common method of breeding dogs is conformation. The produced puppies conform to their breed standards as established by a certain registering body. If the dogs are registered with AKC, the standards set by AKC should be observed without room for faults. Dogs resulting from conformation breeding are usually showcased in dog shows where the same breeds compete with each other to find out which breed is the best. The dogs can also compete to determine the best dog in the group.

When breeding for conformation, a breeder needs to consider different factors like coloring, gait, bite, size, and physical characteristics. Breeders in this category are extra careful in choosing a specific dog breed. They strictly follow a breeding program and the dogs involved are the excellent specimens of their breed. Dogs with certain faults are not used because experts believe that such faults can be passed on to the pups. Faulty dogs are often neutered or spayed and they are shipped to dog homes.

Some dogs are bred for performance like those involved in sports like flyball. The dogs used in breeding are those with excellent athletic abilities. Structure and appearance is not a vey important factor when breeding for best performance. Two dogs of different breeds can be mated as long as they possess jumping abilities and speed. Breeders only hope that the pups will also possess the same qualities. A very good example is the breeding of Border collie and Jack Russell terrier. In the sports community, the dog is known as BorderJack.

When breeding dogs, you should be a responsible breeder. Whether you’re breeding for conformation or for performance, being responsible is a trait that you should possess. This is also true with other business and tasks. If you’re irresponsible, you will not go anywhere.

It is vital that breeders choose only the best of the breed and that such dog don’t possess faults and any other genetic problems. This can only be done after thorough examinations, tests, and evaluations which can get very expensive. You should be willing to invest time, money, and effort if you want to become a successful breeder, whether for personal or business reasons. Before you start breeding, you should first have a good quality home to house the female and male dogs.

You should be willing to invest time because during mating, you should give your full attention to the dam and sire since there are times when intervention is necessary. Don’t forget about being ethical in your chosen field because animal rightists are against breeding. Develop a breeding program and make sure that you follow it carefully. Establish a healthy environment for the dam and sire, as well as for the pups.

Try to conduct a research on the suitable dog breeds that you can use for conformation breeding. You should also do the same if you’re going to be involved in performance breeding. In any case, extensive research is necessary to ensure success. You should also seek expert help so that nothing goes wrong. Consult with the standards of AKC and other organizations. You should not hesitate to ask for help from the experts especially if you’re a beginner.

Dog breeding should be considered as a serious business because the responsibilities involved are huge and quite difficult. Breed dogs if it is your passion.