Tips on Dog Breeding Essentials

These days, good puppies are quite expensive. This may be the reason why individuals are getting into dog breeding. Should you become a dog breeder yourself?

Breeding dogs will not exactly make you a millionaire. People have various reasons for breeding dogs. Some of the reasons are good but there are also those who have bad intentions. Crowded shelters for dogs are typical and so you need to continue reading if you want to make an informed decision.

For dog breeding, you need to have at least a 5-generation pedigree. Dogs like this are champions when it comes to fieldwork, obedience, and conformation. You can’t possibly do in-breeding and so you need to choose a suitable stud in your area or in other places.

You need to ensure that your dog is in exceptional condition. Every dog breed has a particular AKC standard to follow and your dog should be able to comply with the standards. Check out the AKC standard first before you breed any dog.

Dog breeding requires a lot of time, passion, and patience for dogs. It also involves a lot of expenses which you need to pay. Looking for a possible dog mate for your particular dog breed takes some time and if you want to get only the best deal, you must be willing to invest your valuable time. You must have passion for what you’re doing and most specially, you should be patient. Dogs can be very hard to handle but you should be patient in dealing with them; you should not beat them unnecessarily.

To some dog owners, it will be a lot better to put up a poodle salon or a dog kennel rather than breed dogs. But if you’re really convinced that you can earn a lot of money by breeding dogs, go on and try it out.

How much does dog breeding cost?

Purchasing a female dog is the very first cost that you incur. Pick the right breed and make sure that it’s popular. However, those that have female dogs will have other concerns to attend to. For purchasing a female dog, it can already cost you around $800. In order to breed effectively, the female dog needs to undergo a series of tests like hip x-rays, thyroid tests, and eye tests. By doing so, the vet can identify if your female dog has dysplasia, cataracts, and other diseases.

These different tests can reach as high as $300. Responsible owners will see to it that the tests are completed to ensure the health of the puppies. However, some female dog owners still opt not to have their dogs checked because they claim that they can’t afford to pay for such expenses.

Female dogs should be at the right age (2 years and older) before you can subject them to breeding. During the early years, you will spend about $1,000 for the vitamins, toys, and food of your pet. Minimum stud fees range from $400 to a few hundred dollars more. Routines exams are required once the dog is pregnant. That will cost you another $500 or so.

Can you still consider dog breeding as an affordable venture? Try to think about it. If money is not a problem, you can proceed. Special equipments are also needed like hemostats, towels, tweezers, baby scales, suction bulbs, and many others. Decide now and see how things work for you.