Tips on Different Dog Breeding Methods

Dog breeding is not as easy as you think. Many pet owners prefer to get purebred dogs these days. Even on the same breeds, breeding lines tend to produce different traits and types of dogs. As you can see, dog breeding is a complex undertaking and without adequate knowledge, you can’t be an effective dog breeder.

Dog breeders should be aware of the breed standards. However, dog breeding is often influenced by the personal likes or dislikes of the breeder when it comes to color, sizes, and types. What dog breed do you prefer? Does it possess its true characteristics? Is the appearance of the dog the same as what the books or other information sources say? What about its temperament? Is the breeding line of your pet healthy? You need to answer these questions before you finally choose a particular dog breed. Answering the questions is also vital should you decide to be involved in the breeding business.

There are a lot of considerations in dog breeding. You should be willing to invest time, effort, and money before you can see the fruits of your labor. Try to answer the questions above and if you can’t, you will need to dig in deeper. You need to research about the different dog breeds, the traits of different bloodlines, the appearance of the dam and sire, grand-dam, and grand-sire in a particular dog pedigree. Do you want to introduce improvements in the dog breed? Do you want to retain certain traits or qualities in the dog breed?

Breeding methods vary whether you’re dealing with inbreeding, out crossing, line breeding, or purebreds. You must be able to gather all the information you need about dog breeding. Keeping yourself well informed will make you a better dog breeder. You can read books on dog breeding or you can do some online research.

Cross breeding is one of the methods of dog breeding. In this method, dogs of different breeds are used. You can’t expect to produce the best dog breeds if you use the cross breeding method. If a problem occurs with regards to the traits of the dogs, you can’t easily track down where the problem came from.

The next method is out breeding. This is a complicated method and only experienced breeders can perform it. If a certain dog breed has a problem or defect, you can make improvements through out breeding. You must have a mate which posses the particular trait that you want to improve. The breed should possess such trait up to that last 3 generations. After the out breeding, the dogs are bred back to the original breeding line. New breeders are not encouraged to do out breeding because this not a good way to start a breeding program especially if you have plans to produce constant breeds with the same soundness and temperament. Educate yourself thoroughly before you consider out breeding.

Line breeding is another method in dog breeding. In this method, closely related dogs are bred to produce the same quality traits, size, and temperaments dog breeds. This method should be performed properly to ensure success. Breeders who want to concentrate mainly in one dog breed should be involved in line breeding.

These are the three dog breeding methods that you should know if you have plans of breeding dogs as a form of hobby or even for business.