Tips on Clothing to Wear During Pregnancy

During pregnancy clothing should be comfortable. One should make a careful choice of clothes. The shape of the breasts greatly depends on the clothes you wear during pregnancy and lactation. Breast become very heavy during pregnancy because of the hormones secreted in preparation of feeding her baby. Do not get worried about this change. Support the breasts with the appropriate size of bras capable of allowing the enlargement of breasts as during the period of pregnancy, breasts tend to grow faster.

The bra should be made of cotton and not of synthetic material. It should be well-fitting to be able to support the extra weight of the breasts during pregnancy and lactation. At the same time, the bra should not be so tight as to squash or compress the breasts. Pressure on the breasts can produce a collapse of milk production glands besides causing pain and irritation. The bra should open at the front, either with a clip or laces, so that it is easy to fasten and undo.

After delivery, it is necessary to know what to wear. Do not try to expose the breasts to feed your child by pulling the bra up or down. Some women do not prefer to wear bra during the period of pregnancy or lactation. It is alright during pregnancy, if the breasts are small and a support is not required. However, during the lactation period, when the breasts are usually heavy, one must use a bra.

During the night the bra may be removed. Take care to prevent your breasts from being compressed during sleep so they do not hurt. Remember, the breasts should be kept clean. Some absorbent material may be required at night to prevent the sheets from getting spoiled due to any leakage of breast milk.

During the day time, several brassieres are required during the lactation period as they are likely to be spoiled often by leakage of milk. To avoid this problem, it is wise to keep a cotton cloth or a piece of clean diaper to soak the leakage on the inner side of brassiere. Do not insert tissue or cotton wool, these can stick to the nipples and create problems when removing them. During the summer season avoid nylon or silk brassiere, these may cause rashes and allergic reactions on the delicate skin of the breasts.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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