Tips on Choosing a Nursing Home

The choice of a good nursing home for your loved one cannot be stressed enough. A wrong home will lead to more problems for you and your loved one while putting your loved one in a conducive and well caring home will not only give you peace of mind but will make your loved one happier.

Extra care must be taken to ensure that you shop around for a good nursing home. You can’t wholly depend on the advert you saw in the newspaper or on the TV or radio. You must go out there by yourself to get a good home. Don’t let any one advice you otherwise.

Many homes are staffed with inexperienced people that are not having the interest of your loved one at heart. Since they are not well trained and therefore inexperienced, they can’t understand the special needs of people like your loved one. Instead of being a help, they are a liability to these aged people.

There are several sources from which you can get an ideal home for your loved one. Check out these sources whether they can help you:

– The discharge planner or social workers of your local hospital
– Your physician
– Area agencies
– Aging friends
– The internet
– The magazine

However, these sources are just to provide you with information if you are not having any particular home in mind yet. These sources should not be the last decision maker for you. Whatever their recommendations, make sure you go there yourself to get first hand information and experience. This is very essential so that you can see things for yourself. Don’t be fooled by the beauty or archtectural design of the building. It is what goes on in there that should matter to you.

After acquiring information on good nursing homes from any of the above sources, it is essential that you make enquiries at the state agency’s inspection office that provides report on nursing homes.

Nursing homes are usually inspected regularly by a state agency in charge of such affairs. These inspections are normally comprehensive; everything from the dietary needs of the residence to the medical care of residents is examined. The inspection reports are normally made available to the public. It could also be available online in some states. The reports will be a good starting point to preselect the appropriate facility for your loved one, but that really is not enough. You must still visit the place on your own.

For you to get an adequate information on the home you are contemplating for your loved one, it is advisable that you visit the place at different times of the day. This will expose you to the different staffs working there and be able to judge what happens to the aged people at diferent times of the day.

Moreover, when you visit at irregular times to assess the home, you’ll be opportuned to see the type of food given to the aged and how enthusistaic the serving staffs are to the residents. All these and other things that you’ll notice during your visit will help you determine whether this home is ideal or not for your loved one.

Among other things to consider when choosing nursing home, look out for the following:

– Licensed and Approved: The home must be approved by the regulatory body. See whether the home displays their license and if not, please ask them. If there is no proof of license, don’t put your loved one there.

– Facilities: Take a look at the facilities available in the home. Don’t be afraid to ask to be shown round the home in order to see things yourself.

– Cleanliness: Make sure that the home is clean enough at all times during your irregular visits. Don’t be fooled by the clean surroundings, look at the indoor as well.

– Staff: This is very important. Endeavour to know the type of staffs in the home. See the way you are welcomed. It could be a sign to know whether the home is filled with happy people or not.

– Language: See whether the home can handle language differences if your loved one speaks another language

This is not exhasutive but it will aid you to know that you must be careful when choosing a home for your loved one. Your own happiness and that of your loved one depends greatly on it.

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