Tips on Buying a Home

On average, people who live in the United States move to new homes about every seven years. The process of buying a home leads to a lot of excitement and joy, if you find your dream home and can afford it. Sometimes it could be long and, difficult process when the things do not go in the right way.

Tips on Buying a Home: Before venturing into buying a home there are many things one has to take into account. These are the tips, which can help in make your dream home into reality.

· Confine to your Financial Strength: It is necessary to have an idea about how much you can afford. Strictly restrict your search for a house that is affordable. Do not get tempted to buy a home that is good but crosses your financial limits. Most people close the deal, with financial commitments and later repent it.

· Mode and Source of Payment: Plan the mode and source of the payment. Buying a house under the mortgage is commonly done. Get all the clearances from the bankers regarding the agreement.

· Identify the Features of your Home: Discuss with your family members about the features and facilities your future home should possess. Identify the locality limitations, type of the house, size of the house, garage and other facilities etc.

· Methods in Searching your Home: Basically there are two methods in searching homes. Approach an agent or to search on own. An agent will give you the leads from the Multiple Listing Services. You may also get a list of For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) homes. Make sure that the agent is completely aware of your needs and requirements. If you want to search on your own, inform all your friends, relatives and neighbors. You can also place advertisements on local classifieds and radio.

· Check the Information: If you get a lead which suits your profile, ask for the information related to the house like reason to sell, number of previous ownerships, mortgages, ownership type, any hidden history etc. Making an enquiry with the neighbors is not a bad idea. But make sure that you get the genuine information.

· Making an Offer: If you are satisfied with all the information you got make an offer. Make sure that you know the current prices in that particular locality. Check with the recent sales in the locality to get an idea. Ask your attorney to check the deal before signing.

· Professional Inspection: While visiting a house, do not hesitate to ask your agent to make the owners not present at the inspection time. This will make you more comfortable in inspecting the house freely. Also check the neighborhoods, accessibility to the public amenities, transportation etc.

Finally, make sure that your banker or attorney give the final approval for the deal.