Tips On Buying A Baby Crib

Buying furniture for your baby’s nursery is expensive so it’s important that you buy wisely, after all, you’ll expect to get many years use out of whatever you purchase. To help you make the right choices here are some tips on buying a baby crib.

The most important aspect of a crib is its safety. Your child is going to be spending a lot of time inside one whether at sleep or play. Here’s what you should look to ensure you buy a safe baby crib.

It is not recommended that you buy or use a second hand crib. An older piece may not have been made to today’s safety standards. You should definitely not buy one that was made before 1978 as it may have paint or paint finishes that are not lead-free. Also bear in mind that you won’t know its history. It may have been the subject of a product safety recall.

If you do go ahead and buy a used crib you should ensure that it the slats are no more than 2 3/8″ apart; the raised sides of the crib should be a minimum height of 26″; the mattress should fit snugly with no gaps anywhere; it should not have cutouts on either the headboard or footboard; fit a new teething rail. You should also avoid ones where the paint is chipped or cracked or the wood is splintered.

Finally, try to find one that has Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification as this ensures that the baby crib meets today’s safety standards.

Before you buy; set your budget – and don’t be tempted to spend over. It may not look as beautiful as a more expensive model, but a cheap baby crib will be as safe and have most of the features you’ll need.

Find as many baby crib reviews as you can. Ask friends and family, read parenting magazines, go to your local baby stores and ask their opinion and go online. The more information you have the less likely you are to buy something you’ll later regret.

Decide on what is the best type of baby crib for you. Do you only want a conventional crib? These are usually the cheapest. Do you require double drop sides? Or, have you thought about buying a convertible crib? These are more expensive initially but can save you money in the long term. Remember, a 3-in-1 crib converts to toddler bed and day bed, whereas a lifetime crib will also convert to a full size bed.

Write down a list of features that your new baby crib must have. As you learn more you may amend or add new features; keeping a list will help keep from getting confusing or forgotten about.

Finally, decide on the style you want. Do you like one with a traditional look? Yes, but what sort of traditional look, there are many to choose from; Shaker, English Cottage, New England, French Imperial, American Colonial, the list goes on. Do you prefer a crib with a more modern style? Great, but make sure it complements the decor of, not only the nursery, but your home.

It’s choosing the style that’s right for you that can take the most time. Remember also, that the more styling, paint effects and special finishes it has, the more it usually costs.

I hope the above tips have been useful and that you will find the best baby crib for you and your baby.