Tips- Homework Help From Elder Siblings

Gone are the times when being a student is all about fun. Now, with the academic environment more strict, reserved, and competitive, more and more students lose their interest in studying. Aside from the demanding academic set up, another reason why studentsespecially the younger onesget tired of schooling is the volume of assignments given without getting enough homework help from people around them.

At home, parents are expected to do this for their children. They are the ones who are supposed to monitor the academic status of the child and should also be there when help in terms of homework or projects is needed. Unfortunately, many parents are not able to give this kind of help to their children because majority of them is working. Due to lack of time and hectic schedule providing for the family, they tend to neglect the needs of the children in terms of schooling such as providing homework help.

If this is the case, who will be the one available for the child? If you are a parent who is having dilemma such as this, then you should think of options where to get help. The closest that you can get is asking help from older siblings of the child. Many parents do not realize it but an older sibling helping a younger one in tasks like homework will strengthen their bond.


At first it might be hard to convince the older one to render help, enough and elaborate explanation might convince him or her to do so. Here are some tips that can help parents convince older children to help the younger ones in terms of doing their homework:

1. Make it appear as the best bonding moment. Although siblings may tend to fight with each other at home, they still love each other no matter what. For the older sibling to be convinced in providing homework help to the younger one, convince him or her that teaching the younger child will serve as a way to lessen their fighting incidents. You can also tell him or her that the child will be endeared to him or her if the older one is willing to help in minor tasks such as homework.

2. Tell the older child that you are not helping not just the younger child but you as well. Older siblings must understand that you are not giving him or her the responsibility of teaching the younger child because you want to. Make him or her understand that you just cannot do it because you are working for the family. If you explain very well how much you appreciate the help such as this coming from her or him, the older child will feel his or her worth to the family.

3. Make him or her understand that it is for a good cause. This can be the hardest option that you will have but it’s worth a try. Tell the older sibling that if he or she will give some homework help to the younger one, he or she is doing it for a good cause since the child’s future depends on it. Explain that he or she is helping another person to have a brighter future by helping the younger one to do good in school and earn self-confidence at the same time.