Tips- Giving Homework Help The Fun Way

With the more competitivenot to mention more stressfulacademic environment today, more and more kids are having a hard time keeping up with the demands of the school. Experts say that one of the major reasons why studentsespecially the younger onesget tired or bored schooling is that they are given lots of assignments without knowing where to get homework help.

At home, the parents are the ones who must take in this responsibility of helping kids with assignments. Since they are older and more mature, they are expected to know more things. However, the traditional techniques and strategies for homework help don’t work in all types of kids. There are those who get easily bored and would just not listen. There are also those who would get easily distracted by the things inside the house and would not pay attention to what the parents are talking about.

For parents who have these kinds of kids, the best way to go about it is to be more creative during the “homework session”. If things are presented in different and creative ways, the kids will be more interested and enthusiastic all throughout.


Parents who would really want to help their kids who are having trouble in doing and finishing their homework should find ways to be more creative. If the kids see that the tutorials are presented in a different manneraside from what they see in schoolthey will be more cooperative.

Here are some ways on how parents can be creative when helping their kids with their homework:

1. Think out of the box. If you are tutoring your child in a certain topic or assignment, it would be best if you use different approaches so he or she won’t be bored. You can present the discussion in a different manner that he or she will enjoy. Out of the box would mean that you are willing to go out of your usual way just for the child to pay attention to what are you teaching.

2. Be more engaging. Kids love activities that are fun and engaging. If you give them help in their homework, make sure that your attention is one hundred percent with the topic so the child will pay more attention. Remember, if the child sees that you are not really into what you are doing, he or she will also think of other things. When the child is distracted, it will be more difficult for him or her to absorb any information or learn anything.

3. Give them more freedom. Children get easily stressed out if the homework help session is too rigid or strict. Instead of paying attention, they will be more frantic and could not wait for the time that the session is finished. To avoid this scenario, try to provide a venue where they can be more relaxed. Also, give them ten-minute breaks where they can do the stuff that they want to do.

4. Use props. There are kids who are “visual learners”. This means that they learn faster when they are shown materials that can easily relate them to whatever it is that this being discussed. During homework help sessions, parents could use props such as toys and other materials for each respective subject.