Tips for Visiting Disney Orlando Florida

Anyone who thinks a Florida Disney vacation with the kids will be all fun and games, hasn’t traveled to Disney with the kids. While the parks in the Orlando area are fantastic and the entire family is almost assured to have the time of their lives, the days at the park can be tiring, which means crankiness can ensue.

Avoiding the pitfalls of a Florida Disney vacation can be done, but it takes a little planning and patience. Florida is generally warm if not outright hot and the parks themselves can get crowded, very crowded. So, it pays to follow a few well-tested tips for keeping the kids happy. After all, when they’re happy everyone is.

When traveling to Disney in Orlando, try to do these things if small children are coming along:

* Arrive at the park early. The weather is always cooler and it’s generally possible to avoid longer lines, too.
* Stay near the parks or in the resort areas if possible. This will enable you and your family to retreat for a nap in the heat of the day before going back to the parks later in the evening. With multi-day passes, it’s more than feasible to visit a park in the morning, take the afternoon off and return, refreshed and ready to go, during the cooler early evening hours.
* Take advantage of speed booking on rides. Disney offers a great book-ahead ride service. Just stop by the ride of choice, make a reservation and come back at the appointed time for quick entry.
* Remember to drink a lot of water. Kids can get overburdened by the heat pretty quickly. When lots of water is offered and consumed over the course of the day, dehydration is generally not a concern.
* Take advantage of specials and multi-day pass pricing if the trip is long enough to accommodate it. The Disney parks are big, very big. They cannot be truly appreciated in a single day. Those who buy multi-day passes save themselves money that can be spent and enjoyed elsewhere.

The Disney park in Orlando makes for one of the best Florida vacations for when kids are present. But, with lots of people, long lines and plenty of heat, making the trek to the park successful will require some planning. Take some considerations into account and you’re sure to have a trip that’s full of fun and surprises.