Tips For The Solo Musician: Just who are you?

Copyright 2006 Curse Buster Sound

So…just who are you? That is a question that every solo artist, solo musician, and every solo instrumentalist has probably asked themselves down through the years. The ones who can answer that question will find themselves on the road to a very eventful, and interesting musical career.

Who am I?…Who do I want to be?…Who do I sound like?…Who would I want to be like? These are all legitimate questions, and ones that should be asked. Every one has strengths, and weaknesses. We all have our differences. We all have different goals, and the way we want to achieve them.

To find ones self as a person is a great achievement. To find ones self as a person, and a great soloist is a great Blessing. To find ones self as a person…as a great soloist…and to want to share that with the rest of the world is a most honored desire.

It’s not a fact of being proud. No, it’s not a fact of being better than any, and everyone else. It’s not the fact of being able to do more than anyone else, or being in a class of “It’s me, and there’s no one else”. No…it’s not about any of these things.

Rather, it is knowing that you have something to offer. Knowing that you have something that may help someone. Knowing that it is not only a blessing that you are you, and you know that you are you. But,…knowing that you are blessed so that you may be a blessing to all of the rest of the world.

So…just who are you? how will you perfect your talent? What will you do with your talent? Will you use it to wage war? Or,…will you use it to make peace? Will you think of the fact that any one of your performances just may save a persons life? Or, will you give a darn, and only think you are IT…and there is no reason for you to care?

Finding ones self is not an easy thing. No, it’s not easy at all. It takes a lot of heart, and a lot of grit. It takes a lot of commitment, a lot of patience and endurance. It takes giving ones self completely over to the tools, and ways of perfection. You will have to go through the refining fire. Hours upon hours of epetitiveness, and drudgery. You will need the focus of a microscope. You must have the intense burning desire of a perfectionist.

The mountain in front of you must be just another movable object, and the wide valley just another attainable space. The goal here is to be that great soloist,…that great musician,…that great artist,…that great instrumentalist,…That great vocalist. The goal is to find that person inside of you. The goal is to find, and perfect that talent you have been blessed with. To search your innermost being,…to probe deep in your bowels,…to travel the deep relmes of the mind. To find that spark and turn it into a super nova! To reach beyond the pain,…beyond the wall,… to go beyond perfection. To reach the point where your music is that exact mirror of your soul.

The only lasting way to attain this level that I know of is,…Practice!Practice!Practice!, and Practice some more! If you can see the end result that is possible, if you could just taste the sweetness of what it is like to move the hearts of thousands,…if you could know what it is like to pour music out of your deepest parts until tears uncontrolably flow,…If you could only feel what it must be like to perform for the Creator Himself! To capture the power of the elements,…to hold the secrets of the universe.

I am not kidding, nor am I just writing empty words. I know these things are possible,…I know these things are attainable,…and, I have tasted it.

There are millions of musicians, millions of artists, and millions apon millions of vocalists, and instrumentalists. The fact in todays world is that to many of us no longer have the desire to find out just who we are. Too many of us no longer have the patience to find ourselves. We dont want to spend the time to perfect our talents. And sadly,…We dont give a care about sharing what we are,…who we are,…why we are,…and do not want to help, or give of ourselves to help our fellow man. Yes, there are some who do care, and give of themselves, and give their talent freely from their hearts,…but not enough. Not enough of us.

Too many people have that desire for what I call “Quaker Oats Music”. Too many people want to do everything Quick,…Fast,…and IN A Hurry! Well, fast is not always better, and, haste does make waste.

My desire for this article is to encourage those who want to find themselves. To touch those who do want to spend the time. To thank those who are giving of themselves until there is almost nothing left,…then they replenish themselves, and give some more. To encourage the young ones who are just starting out. “It takes time Bro” Dont give up,…just keep going until you reach what ever goal you have set for yourself, and then go the seven miles further. There is absolutely nothing wrong with practicing,…nothing at all. It is an utmost necessity. No,…you dont need drugs to attain this perfection. The energy is within you,…all you need do is tap the source. That source is deep within your innermost being. Look for it,…Yearn for it,…Desire it!

In closing: “If I could do only one thing right, let it be music that inspires people to do the right things”.

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