Tips For Selling Your Home In the UK

Owning a home is one of the most fundamental aspirations of the average British citizen. For many, home ownership feels like it should be treated as a human right. But, in order for a person to be able buy a home, there must first be a home seller.

As a home seller, there are several strategies that you can implement to sell your home more quickly and for a better price. Read on as we examine tips for selling your home in the UK.

Selling a Home Is Difficult

Selling a home that has held countless memories can at times be a very difficult process.

A house can become much more than just a place to live; it can become a home and a part of your family as many memories are created there. Having to move can be a difficult process, emotionally and logistically, but once you have made the decision to sell, one should commit one’s self to making the process as simple as possible.

There are many different ways to sell a home, either through an estate agent, a property auction, or privately. No matter which option you choose for your sale, showing your home to strangers is unavoidable.

The trick to selling your home quickly for the best possible price is to make sure your home appears to potential buyers as a comfortable and homely place to live. The buyer needs to see your house as a place that the buyer can turn into a suitable home for the buyer and their family.

Fresh Feels

One of the most significant aspects to making a home look great is to make sure that it appears to the buyer as fresh and clean. Everything in the house should be clean and tidy. The rooms should be clutter free. The furniture and fixtures should be spotless.

Open all of the windows to thoroughly air out your home. Having a fresh smelling home can be very inviting. Closing the windows before viewers arrive is important to keeping the home a comfortable temperature.

Bear in mind that smoke and animal smells can knock thousands off the price of your home!

In addition to opening the windows, there are many ways to improve the smell of your home. Scented candles are always favorites for many people. Grinding fresh lemon peels and boiling cinnamon sticks are additional ways to make a home feel cosy not to mention the smell of fresh coffee – a favourite with many estate agents.


The lighting in a home can be very important to potential buyers. Open all of the shutters, blinds and curtains. Let the sun shine in. This also creates a feeling of space. Turn on the lights in every room to make sure that your home offers no dark corners. Proper lighting allows a viewer to thoroughly inspect your home. Avoid ceiling lights and focus on task/directional lighting especially if your home has nice features.


Making your home as welcoming as possible is another important quality. The people looking at your home are shopping for a place that might be their next home, and it helps if they feel comfortable and welcome.

During the winter months, lighting a fire in the fireplace sets a very inviting mood. Soft music can help establish a contented mood. And don’t forget the garden. Turn on any water features or lights.

Fresh flowers and plants are a sign of life and prosperity. Disperse greenery to most of the rooms in your house. A few classically designed floral bouquets can add a touch of elegance to any décor.

Food for Thought

Simmering cinnamon sticks can make your home smell amazing, but it also makes potential buyers hungry. The smell of food in the air generally reminds potential buyers of home cooking, biscuits and other goodies.

Make sure you put out treats for your guests. A small bowl of sweets or chocolates in the hall is a welcoming sight. Providing finger sandwiches, biscuits, or small sweets is a very thoughtful touch.

Buyers are more likely to linger in a home, if they are being fed. This leaves them ample time to notice more of the intricate details that sets your house apart from the others.

Place home information sheets and pre-made question cards near the food. People generally feel more compelled to give feedback on a home if the homeowner provided them with food.

This is also an opportunity to hand out a flyer with information about your home, complete with pictures that potential homebuyers can take with them. This is especially important when homebuyers have looked at several homes in a day. By the time a buyer reaches the third home in their hunt, all of the homes they look at begin to become murky in their minds buyers . Having a picture brochure of your home will help keep the image of your home fresh in the minds of the potential buyers who came to visit.


Homeowners should not be in the home when a guest arrives, unless they are selling the property without an agent. Many potential buyers are uncomfortable looking around a home while the owner is lingering nearby. A viewer will be much less likely to be willing to discuss a home within earshot of its owner or previous tenants.

If the homeowner decided not to hire an estate agent, then they must remain available to answer any questions that might come up. It is always important to remember not to crowd a potential buyer when this situation arises. Most importantly, do not ever say anything negative about the home or a previous experience there.

Pets and small children should never be left nearby during a home showing. A potential buyer may bring along a child, but the owner’s child should never be there. It is difficult to predict what any child will say, and making strangers feel comfortable is very important in the selling process.

Pets should be taken out of the house, as well. If possible, arrange to have them stay at a friend or neighbours house, or perhaps even a kennel or cattery. This makes it possible for potential buyers to get a good look at the garden without the`distraction of bouncing animals. However it’s not the end of the world if this is not possible. Just keep animals well under control. With UK pet ownership increasing having an animal friendly home can even be an asset. But removing pet paraphernalia and smells is essential.


Your home needs to sell a lifestyle. Don’t underestimate the power of having furniture in the garden, table settings made up and a few well chosen accessories around the house. Above everything else your home has to have what estate agents call “emotional appeal”. Having a home office can work wonders simply because it sells a certain lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

It can be very difficult to let go of your home.

Most homeowners see the value in their home and are surprised when it is not immediately apparent to others. Taking steps to make your home more appealing can encourage others to see it the same way you always have.

When you can bridge that gap buyers will be knocking each other down to get your attention to make an offer for your home.