Tips For Panic Attacks You Can Use Anywhere

While panic attacks never occur in convenient locations, tips for panic attacks that you can use anywhere can help you get through an attack regardless of where you might happen to be when one occurs. One of the most important keys to coping with panic attacks in different locations is preparation. Taking the time to prepare for panic attacks can assure that regardless of where your next attack occurs you will be ready to handle it, deal with the symptoms and get them under control quickly.

Portable Tips for Panic Attacks

Carrying a notebook with you can be a great way to keep tips for panic attacks handy. This is a convenient location to store methods that have worked for you in the past. In fact, it can be a good idea to make a duplicate notebook and keep one in your car as well as in your home. You may even wish to keep a small notebook in your purse or briefcase as well.

One way to approach a panic attack as you feel it coming on is to tell yourself to just slow down. Try repeating calming phrases to yourself slowly and silently. Such phrases might include: I will be okay, this is just temporary, I am overreacting, everything will be okay. Physically slow down your movements. This can help to keep your mind from racing and subsequently stave off an impending panic attack.

For many people, panic attacks originate from simply thinking too much. They may feel as though their mind is racing with too many thoughts. Pulling in your thinking, reminding yourself that you and your body are not out of control, you are not going crazy and that you can get control of your thoughts and actions can also help.

It can also help to remind yourself that you are bigger than any panic attack. This is just a single moment in time and it will pass. Keep repeating this to yourself until you believe it and feel the sensations of panic pass.

Listening to a mixed tape of calming music can also be helpful. You may wish to make a CD of your favorite calming songs and keep it with you at all times. Listening to calming songs can reduce the symptoms of a panic attack and even stop one before it becomes full blown.

Others have also found that keeping a sort of first-aid kit of tips for panic attacks with them can be helpful in stopping panic attacks no matter where they might happen to be. Items that can be handy to have in such a kit include calming essential oils, scented candles, a beverage and a healthy snack such as string cheese or dried fruit.

Finally, don’t forget to include a list of telephone numbers for people that you feel secure in calling in the event you feel a panic attack coming on. Be sure to write down even familiar numbers as it can be difficult to remember them in the event of an attack. It may also be helpful to write down crisis hotline numbers. For some individuals, talking to someone they do not know can provide a source of comfort and help in the event of an attack.

Taking the time to create a kit of tips for panic attacks tools you can use for a panic attack anywhere is a great way to reduce the symptoms you experience as well as even reduce the number of attacks you experience.