Tips for Implementing an Effective Web Merchandising Strategy

We know how important merchandising is in brick and mortar outlets, similar is the case when it comes to e-businesses. With increasing number if e-commerce websites, the need for good web merchandising is increasing for businesses to succeed.

There are several advantages of good web merchandising for your website: it simplifies online shopping, helps differentiate your brand from competitors; enhances conversion rates as well as customer retention rate. One can, however, leverage the benefits offered by web merchandising only when they apply proper strategies. Here are tips that could help you do it the better way.

Pleasing visual design
The visual design of the website is the first factor that creates an impression about the business. Keep the design simple, usage of too many flashy colors and images may distract visitor’s attention. Further, a simple design will be pleasing to eyes. Whereas, a design that is too flashy, not only strains eyes, but also ruins the user experience.

Simple homepage and user interface
Make the homepage simple. It should not confuse the user. Otherwise, they may leave your website and switch to another. Ensure to have a good menu structure, by which users can easily navigate to the web page they like.

The user interface should not be complex and should be designed in such a way that each user should find it easy to use. A consistent pattern should be maintained on all web pages of the website to make it easy for the visitor to get adjusted to the website.

Easy to use navigational tools
Navigational tools will help users easily move from one page to another of the website. They help users to navigate through the website easily to get the required information.

In the main menu, provide sub-categories so that users can easily find the web page that they intend to browse. You can also provide tags which enable them to find the desired product by using the keywords provided in the tags.

Tools that ease product search
Users spend more time searching for products/services on the website. You have, therefore, to provide effective search tools that make it easy for them to get the products they are looking for in a website. You can get this done by providing filters which will filter the product listings according to their needs. Provide as many filters as possible such as top selling items, price range, color option, gender, size, material and the like that narrow the choices and help them find the required product.

Once users find the right choice, make it easy for them to place an order for the product. They may feel frustrated if they have to do many clicks to complete a single purchase procedure. This kind of experience is attributed to typical situations in a retail store where the shopper has to wait for long at billing counters. So, try to simplify the purchase procedure.

Images and videos for product demonstration
While shopping online, as one will not get a chance to directly check the product, sufficient information should be provided, so that user can completely know about the product. Using images and product demonstration videos are quite helpful. Also, provide videos that educate customers on how to use the products, etc.

Use these tips on your website and see the difference. We are sure you will benefit from them.