Tips For Designing A Day Spa

The ambience of a place is the first thing that any visitor encounters with. It has therefore been a matter of utmost importance with almost all service related industries. Be it the entry lounge of a hotel, the reception area of an office, or the front desk of a day spa, all need to send out positive vibes and a particular charm to visiting guests.

A day spa is a place where guests look forward to a session of relaxing massage or a particular therapy for quick rejuvenation. The ambience needs to set in relaxation in their stressed nerves, more so because they could have dropped in after a hard day’s work or could be looking for a fast relaxing session before setting out for the day. Everything right from the color, fabrics and textures, to the lighting, music and the overall feel need to establish a sense of well being in the visitor. The perfect interiors can make all the necessary difference. Consider the following design trends whether you are planning to move to new premises or redoing your current space.

Keep the place clutter free
A clutter free space reflects a clutter free mind. And obviously, the guests need a clean environment to relax in. The age old concept of less is more cannot be truer. Keep the glitziness to a bare minimum and see it working wonders to soothe the stressed nerves of your guests. Doing away with all things unwanted and useless is making the place clutter free. Also take care to keep the furniture straight-lined instead of heavily carved one. Soft textures, quality materials, understated designs, easy to clean fabrics with a mix of earthy tones and vibrant colors will stimulate to kindle your guests’ minds to relax.

Outdoors are the new indoors
Extending the ambience of the spa outside mere interiors is widely gaining acceptance lately. A green patch of exterior, or a manicured lawn, beautiful flowers and shrubs are all inviting and relaxing at the same time. If climate permits, treat your clients on the rooftop or in patio style. If treating outdoors is not a feasible option, try painting the walls yellow, because it represents sunlight and warmth. It is also said to have a soothing effect on the psychology of a person.

Hue is important
Colors impart a character to the place. Hence be careful about what colors you use on the walls, in the fabric of upholstery or the furniture material. Earthy tones are relaxing but one color all over can also make the place look dull. Combine the earth shades with vibrant splashes. muted lime greens with blues and purples; sky blue with oranges, pinks and greens; emerald green with yellows and oranges; reds; analogous colors; powdered yellows and ambers; and yellow green and violets are some good color combinations. Creating a balance between warm and cool colors is the newest trend. This can be achieved by using blues with golds and champagne beiges with silver, or mixing of metals such as copper with nickel.

Aesthetic use of fabrics
The right use of materials and prints in fabrics can create the desired effect on the interior. Experimenting is the name of the game. Textiles like suede, exotic leather, silks and tweed are gaining popularity while block prints, along with ethnic motifs, stripes, polka dots, natural fibers and large prints are in vogue. A new fabric known as luminex has now hit the market, and is proving the increased demand of luminosity in fabrics.

The texture of the walls needs to be rough rather than a smooth plastered finish. Rough surfaces invoke our connection to nature. Also, the use of wallpapers is back. Wallpapers are being particularly used for the reception desk wall, entry area, hallways, and treatment and bath rooms. The prints on the paper can be floral, geometric, and graphic or the paper could be covered with a weave of bamboo or grass.

Use of glass
Glass is the new wood. It has found wide use in the interiors of not just spas, but homes and offices too. Mirrors create a sense of space, while the transparency that glass offers signifies the state of mind. Organic glass vases, crystal chandeliers, tile and mirrors, beveled, gilded or unframed glass, and Venetian glass can be used to make a statement and create a transparent feel at the same time. Resins and acrylics are also being used extensively.

The marriage of design and technology
Spas need to have special areas for meditation and yoga, along with a well equipped gym with equipment for cardiovascular exercises, pilates, and weight training. LEDs will shape the way of lighting in the future, with the blue LED – the latest entrant – becoming a rage in design circuits. Blue symbolizes a cool temperament which is what you need to provide the guests with.

Being abreast of the latest trends in interiors can completely transform the look and feel of your day spa. Doing up interiors according to these trends can prove to be a good business decision in the long run. So go ahead and jazz up those interiors right away.