Tips for Dealing with Difficult People: Part 1

Friendly, welcoming, and good communicators are great people to converse with. They emotionally lift up people and if there is conflict or some other problem, it is easily worked through. Unfortunately, the world is not filled with great communicators and is more dominated by difficult people. Dealing with difficult people is a must to be happy, successful, and develop fulfilling relationships. Here are list of tips for dealing with difficult people to transform their attitude and keep your relationship from declining:

Rights and Responsibility

It is important to distinguish between rights and responsibilities when dealing with difficult people. Sometimes we feel obliged to work through difficult problems, solve their personality problems, or develop solutions beyond our capabilities. Other times we unnecessarily forgo our rights letting the difficult person trample over what they have no right to ruin.


* Any lawful problems such as abuse should never be accepted.

* If there are rules where you and the difficult person are having the problem such as in the workplace, then the rules should not be crossed. There can be rules in a family, amongst friends, or at a social venue. Rules are often implied rather then explicitly stated so it helps to mention them clearly to the person.


* Do not reciprocate the difficulties the person is giving. Treating them with respect is an important tip to deal with difficult people and is your responsibility.

* Listen to the difficult person and let them express their point of view. It will help you understand more about why they are difficult and this tip alone can be enough to deal with the person.

* To remain focused on the problem and not the person. Difficult people will usually have a difficult problem and your perception of them being difficult can be false. Disassociate the problem from the person is a great tip for dealing with a difficult person.

* You do not need to solve all problems on your own. Seek help from others as more hands make light work. Other people will bring more persuasive power in handling difficult people but beware of making a private problem public. It is your responsibility to respect the other person but at the same time to request others’ help when necessary.

Stop Becoming a Victim

When dealing with difficult people it is a vital tip to stop feeling victimized by their behavior. Blaming them for making you feel miserable is only damaging to you and will not assist you in solving the problem. You give people access to your emotions so stop blaming them. Take responsibility for how you feel, stop blaming, and keep in focus the person’s difficulty is their problem. Eliminate feeling burdened by people’s problems. You will work towards a solution faster and it will be less emotionally exasperating when losing your victim mentality.