Tips for Creating a New Hair Style

Few women enjoy looking the same day in and day out. But with some hairstyles, that’s almost impossible to avoid. When a more versatile look is chosen, however, styles can be changed up on almost a daily basis. In general, hair that’s short (but not cropped), medium and long can look different with a fairly easy application of different styling methods.

Whether your hair is short, medium or long in length, these ideas can help you switch out your styles from time to time. They include:

* Curling. Whether you use rag rollers, hot rollers or an iron, adding some curls once in a while can really help make a difference in appearance. If you curl under one day, try curling out the next for an entirely different look. Go with the soft waves rag rollers can create for a completely different, mussed look on another occasion.
* Up do. For those with medium or long hair, mix up styles with creating some up do looks. Whether elaborate or simplistic, these styling techniques can give a tired old look a new spin in no time.
* Pin it back. Even with short hair, pinning the sides back with designer barrettes can really make a difference. Do something really different by adding in some small braids to the bun or on the sides.
* Mousse it! Add some waves and pizzazz by using mousse or styling gel to create a new look with an old style.
* Hair tying. From ponytails to braids, there are great ways to make the hair look different all the time. Try a French braid one day and maybe a down do with two small braids on the side the next.
* Waving. There are great tools for making straight hair wavy. Buy one of these curlers to add a new look when it’s desired or just braid wet hair the night before and unbraid in the morning. Don’t forget to spray so the look will stay in place.
* Use different accessories to change out a look. From barrettes to hair ties and bun clips, these can really take a boring look and make it spectacular.
* Change the part. If you part your hair down the middle all the time, try going to the side or vice versa.

Changing up the look of one’s hair is a great way to give new life to an old style. Experiment with different ideas and have some fun. Chances are you’ll hit on a new look you love or would love to use once in a while.