Tips for Buying Drum Kits

Buying a good drum kit is one of the most essential concerns for a drummer. A few tips on buying drum kits will however make this task easy.

Tips on buying drum kits 1
Know the parts of the instruments. The major step when buying a drum kit is to know the combination. Not all drummers have the same combination. So if you are a drummer who prefers to use various percussions, be prepared to invest in a kit that will cost you differently from other kits.

Tips on buying drum kits 2
Buy the stands. A simple kit for beginners will consist of cymbal and cymbal stands. As a purchaser, make sure that the stands have wing nuts for the tops. Also, complete your set with a foot pedal for bass drum along with hi-hat stand and hi-hat clutch for hi-hat cymbals. But most importantly you should purchase a drum key along with the general kit. The drum key will help you to tune your drums with ease.

Tips on buying drum kits 3
Old is gold. While buying drum sets, it is always advisable to buy your kit from reputable dealers. Also make sure you have a guarantee on your drum set. A guaranteed drum set usually has more longevity.

Tips on buying drum kits 4
Affordability. Brand name cymbals can often be expensive for the pocket. However, cymbals in packs of 2 to 4 can make the purchase inexpensive. One can always upgrade them later but make sure that both top and bottom heads are on the drums. Make sure none of the tuning lugs on the drums are missing.

Tips on buying drum kits 5
Prepare a checklist. Before you get into a store, prepare a checklist. Besides being sure about cymbal stands and nut’s presence, a few more things should also be checked. Be sure that laminate or exterior drum finish is in good condition. The hardware should appear comparatively sturdy and all the locking mechanisms should be secure. Double check to see that the drumheads are in a relatively good shape. It is very important as the entire sound depends on it. Also, replacing them at once can be a very expensive task.

Tips on buying drum kits 6
Go for a second hand. It is sometimes more safer to buy a drum kit from an older player who takes better care of his equipment. If you are still not confident about the idea, ask an experienced drummer to accompany you.

Tips on buying drum kits 7
Trust your gut instinct. It is very important to trust your gut feeling and also, your sense of hearing. If it does not sound nice to you then you probably should not buy it. There is no point in investing in a kit that does not sound right.

Tips on buying drum kits 8
Budget. It is very important to set your budget before you get started. Do not set it too low, as it may take you longer to find something that you are looking for.

However, whatever drums kit you are buying, check the pedal response, cymbal quality and hardware quality and it is always advisable to stick to brands while buying instruments.