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Smart Tips on Getting Car Finance Deals

silver bmw m 3 coupeMost people need a car to get to the places, such as jobs, grocery, and other important places to help them with their daily routine. However, not everyone has enough cash to buy a reliable car. The solution, you will look for good car finance deals, and get the vehicle that you cannot afford to pay in cold cash.

However, a car is not an investment, and it depreciates like crazy. With that in mind, you have to choose a car that could serve its purpose and suits your finances. Of course, you don’t want to pay for a down, then pay for it for a few months, and then have it repossessed when your finances stop keeping up with your expenses.

If you are going to finance a car, you need to think about not only the monthly payments but also the total cost. Below are some good tips.

Before going to the dealership, know your credit score first

If there is a right time to check your credit score, that is before you visit a car dealership for financing. Compared to credit cards or mortgages, it would be easy to get a car loan even if your credit score is somewhat bad. This is because financing companies can repossess the car if you cannot pay for it anymore.

Most car dealers often advertise good interest rates on new cars. These rates could be around 2.9, 1.9, and even 0 per cent. However, the ads will say that these rates only apply to buyers with an excellent credit score – about 622 to 725 or better.

On the other hand, buyers with little lower credit scores can still get a good interest rate. However, they are not qualified for the lowest interest rates. You go a lot lower than that, and the rates will rise. A borrower with terrible credit scores, around 510 and below, could receive an offer of 10 per cent or more.

The lower the credit score you have, the more you need to shop around and look for the best rates you can get. You will indeed be paying more than a buyer with good credit. However, it does not mean that you need to pay for the first offer you will get.

Get some financing quotes if your credit doesn’t look good

Having an excellent credit score, you can expect the best interest rates from the dealership. Otherwise, you can only hope for the best. Try checking some online applications and see what they can offer you. The good thing about it is you are not obliged to use the loan if a dealer gives you a better offer. However, it can help you visit one of them knowing what interest rate you have to beat.

Get the shortest term that you can afford

The shorter-term has a lower interest rate with higher monthly payments. This is what you want. When you visit a dealership to get car finance deals, any salesperson will offer you a rate based on your monthly payment and not the total purchase price of the car. By extending the term of your loan, the sales rep can offer you a lower payment without reducing the car’s cost.

The A$500 car payment will suddenly become A$300 car payment, but you are not paying any less for the vehicle. The truth is, you will be paying more interest. Remember that the longer the term, the more interest you will pay, this would increase your cost of credit. So, always get the shortest term that your finances allow you.

By following these simple tips, you should get the best car for you from the best deal that won’t hurt your finances.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and extremely fond of anything related to Digital Marketing and Business. She is writing Technologies as well as fiction, like good music, loves her cat and eats too much. More than anything, She loves to share the knowledge of Technology.