Tips & Advice on How to Learn to Play the Guitar

Everyone dreams of being able to master a musical instrument and the most popular choice is often an electric or acoustic guitar. Learning to play guitar should be enjoyable fun, you will find plenty of helpful tips with free chords and music to be found online that can get you started.

As a beginner, there is no need to go out and buy an expensive model straight away, wait until you have learnt enough to be able to play it with some degree of proficiency and developed your style before splashing out.

Motivation and enthusiasm is central to acquiring any new skill, you will need to learn how to hold the instrument in the correct fashion, replace strings and to learn the chords. Practice daily and you will gain improvement fast. Once you know a few chords you will find that you can choose to play the type of music to suit your taste and this will make the experience more gratifying.

What method you choose how to learn the guitar will depend on the situation, your budget and time. Look in the local paper for a music teacher offering private lessons, teach yourself from a book, buy a software program, or just get a friend to show you a few chords. You could always buy yourself a book and teach yourself, or look online for fretting chords, strumming patters and some simple to play songs.

The first step is to learn how to play the basic chords. Once you know them it is easy to practice and there are many popular songs that only use these basic chords. When forming the chords it’s important to press down hard otherwise the note won’t sound as it should. These are called your fret fingers and they will get sore at first until they get calluses on them. Practice moving from one chord to another until it becomes quite easy to do, and re-arrange the order you play them too.

A person serious about learning the guitar would need to give it an hour or so every day. Practice makes perfect as they say!

After you have mastered a few chords move onto learning some easy songs as this will make it as lot more interesting and fun than simply playing the same chords over and over again. Sheet music can be purchased from your local music shop or go online and you will find it for free.

There are a number of good websites who provide music and song sheets. Free guitar tabs and free guitar chords and are just some of the things you will find online. Advice on how to string your guitar and tune it or advice on a DIY pedalboard is other valuable information to be found online.

It will take a lot of motivation and persistence to become skillful guitar player, if you enjoy it and find yourself improving then don’t give up as it will get easier along the way. You could always employ the services of a music teacher to start you off. Teachers generally give lessons on acoustic or electric guitar and will help you with the basics by designing a course of study designed for you.