Time to Wake Up, Notice the Awakening

Every morning you wake up. Unless, of course, you have not slept all night or have a non-ordinary schedule.

Some days you may wake up grumpy. You may even stay grumpy all day. Sometimes, perhaps, you even enjoy your grumpiness or find familiarity in it. It is much better to be grumpy with intention and style than to be grumpy unconsciously. Notice, just notice. If you notice your grumpiness now, you will notice the awakening more easily when it comes.

Some days you may wake up and want to get back under the covers. On those days, even if you choose to leave the bed, you may act all day as if you are still under the covers. Everything is muted or distant. As you try to notice inside and outside yourself, you may find that you are not sure what you are unsure about. Just notice what you can.

Some days you may wake up and want to roll over and return to sleep or touch the snooze alarm until noon. If you do get up on days like this, you may feel that you are rubbing sleep from your eyes until it is again bed time. Everything is foggy. It is hard to notice anything clearly. Notice the noticing.

And then there are those days you wake up as if you are as powerful as the sun, bright and shiny. You feel a bounce in your walk, a laugh in the ready-to-go state, and a kind word for everyone. It is easy to notice that the world is filled with magnificence. On these days, when you find your attention lands momentarily on something you do not want, you find it easy to shift your attention to something you appreciate. Notice the magnificence.

This is an age of awakening. It is a time of steady and strong expansion of consciousness. It is a time to wake up to who you truly are, and to awaken with vibrant energy to aliveness. This is not the best time to roll over and go back to sleep, although you have the freedom to do just that.

As you awaken to the power within yourself, you lift in consciousness. Each day that you touch the inner parts of your self, you can view and embody a greater level of consciousness. You are empowered when you embody greater consciousness. You are empowered when you wake up consciously, with intention, with appreciation for life. You are empowered when you recognize your magnificence.

How did you wake up today? How will you wake up tomorrow? How do you want to wake up each day? What do you want to notice as you move through your life more awakened?