Time To Buy Your First Car

Time To Buy Your First Car

You have finally decided to buy your fist car and you’re thinking about buying a new one, what do you need to know? Well the first thing you need to know is whether you have enough credit for it. More than likely if you have been careful with your credit it should be okay, but I advise getting your credit score first. Once you know this and it’s okay, then its time to decide on what kind of car you need and want. If you’re a student and only have yourself to consider then I would suggest a small economy car.

I know it doesn’t sound glamorous but you will save money on gas and insurance going with this idea. Or maybe your parents are going to help you with the insurance and maybe even the down payment. If this is the case then I recommend talking with them before you make any decisions. They will know what their current insurance policy can handle and how much they can afford to put down on your car.

More and more college students are finding that they need at least a part time job, most to cover extra expenses at school. However if you are buying a car then you will need for more than the monthly payment and gas, you need it for general maintenance such as oil changes and basic upkeep. There is also the occasional flat tire, repairs if your car is hit in the school parking lot or even if the engine breaks down. Because no matter what you may have heard or read even new cars break down.

Once you know the type of down payment and monthly payments you can afford, then it is time to decide on what vehicle really is in your budget. Yes economy cars are easier on the budget all the way around, another point is the fact that a smaller means easier handle it also means more parking spaces. It is infinitely easier to find parking spots for a small car than a larger one, just go to your local store or mall and see how hard it is to park a larger vehicle in a parking spot.

Now that you are considering the smaller car your thinking that they are not cute or in the guys case too cute, well that may not necessarily true. A small pickup truck can also be considered economy and the smaller engine in them will definitely save on gas. As far as how cute it is well a bright colored car might be an option if you have a naturally bright disposition. Making it cute can be as simple as adding seat covers, and maybe some decal stickers placed in the right places. Another way to make that new car cuter is adding car scents to it, giving it a sweet smell can brighten your spirits when you simply sit down in it.

No matter what type of vehicle you choose, buying your first car is the most important so choose well.

Source: https://positivearticles.com