Time Management Strategies: 3 Powerful Ways To Save And Manage Time

We live life in the fast lane. We don’t always have time to finish everything we started and sometimes, we don’t even have the time to start anything at all. However, with the help of the right time management strategies, we can make time for everything!

You may sound pretty doubtful, but that’s only because you’ve been stuck in no-time-for-everything land for too long.

To find out how to get out of your stump, check out these time management strategies.

Time Management Strategy # 1: Don’t Put Off for Later What You Can Do Now.

Until today, this age old adage still rings true. People always complain that they have no time at all to do their work or to clean the attic; but that’s not really true now, is it?

The three hours you spent watching television… You could have used that to take care of your junk in the attic. The 30 minutes you spent lazing about in bed… You could have taken that opportunity to get to work early and get a head start on the day.

The truth is, we have time. We just don’t make time. Tomorrow is always there so we end up putting things off. Before we know it, everything is piled on top of each other.

Time Management Strategy # 2: Learn to Multi-task.

I’m not saying you should juggle three important accounts at a time. I’m saying you can probably multi-task some of the smaller things on your agenda.

Hungry but have to finish filing reports? Skip going out for a snack. Bring cookies to work and eat them as you finish filing away. Want to speed up the time you spend preparing for work? Maximize the time you spend in every room.

For example, after you take a bath, brush your teeth, shave and fix your hair all in the bathroom. Don’t walk back and forth from your bedroom to your bathroom. You’d be surprised at how many minutes all that walking around is costing you.

Time Management Strategy # 3: Follow a Time Table.

If you’re working on a big project, I suggest you create a time table. The easiest way to do this would be to print a calendar and work on it from your deadline backwards. Plot out what you need to do by this date or that date. Stick to this time table and you’ll be alright.

Time management strategies are often overlooked. However, you’d be surprised at how efficient your life will become once you employ some of them in your everyday routine.