Time Management ? Does Time Hold You Hostage?

We all say we want more time, but each of us is doled out the same 24 hours each day – no more, no less. Despite this, each of us can have more time for important things. By using our time wisely, we can get more done and maybe even enjoy the time we are granted. To tackle your own time management makeover, try the following expert tips:

1) Evaluate where your time goes. To start really controlling your time, you need to figure out where your daily 24 hours go. For a week, keep a time diary, keeping track of what you do each hour. At the end of the week, glance over your findings.

2) What should you be investing your time in? Time is a gift, so decide what is important enough to spend your time on. Look at your time diary again. Are you spending four hours a week watching television but only one hour with your family? What things can you eliminate from your schedule or at least cut back on? What would that leave time for?

3) Focus on where you are going. Most of us spend far too much time looking at the individual steps we need to take and the small tasks we need to complete. As a result, we lose sight of the big picture. If you spend your time focusing on errands and small tasks you need to get done today or this week, you may not be focusing on your actual goals. Even if you manage to get all your errands done, you will not be moving forward and will feel frustrated and fed up. Instead, start today to focus on what your goals are and start from there when deciding what to spend time on.

4) Learn the gentle art of leverage. Many of the little things that clutter our schedules – making photocopies, running errands, and picking up groceries – can be taken care of by someone else. Find ways to get rid of the little details and you will be able to make the most of every hour.

5) Develop a good planner system. If you don’t write it down, you will forget it. Find a planner or planning system you like and stick with it. Write down appointments, upcoming birthdays and anything else you need to remember. With all that stuff outside of your head and on the page, you can take a big breath and start tackling what you need to do.
Once you start to manage and control your time, you will be able to really focus your energies and take back your life. With less stress and a real feeling of accomplishment, you will love your new life!

Hazel Palache. MFC,MCCht,MNLP. The Professional Women’s Success Doctor.