Time Factor Determines Our Character

The question of time is one of the most important for many people on our planet. This wonderful relatively – absolute phenomenon of our life daily reminds us how boundless the eternity is and how short our life is in comparison with it. A person has a very peculiar perception of time, and the time factor is very often an indispensable element of character –building. That is why character features greatly depend on our attitude to time. There are two main character orientations according to time factor – destructive and constructive. Every character comprises both orientations in but one always prevails. Destructive character orientation Whiner. Such a person lives in the past. His psychological state is characterized by a constant feeling of fault, regret and remorse. Whiners are very offensive. They are gnawed by “indigested” past memories. “I feel so miserable because of my father’s death 10 years ago “, that is what these people are likely to say “that life lost all its sense for me”. Dreamer. Quite the opposite to the whiner. Dreamers are destructively oriented at future, live in the world of ideal goals, plans, expectations, predictions and fears. These individuals are absorbed in their future.

They are always expecting some kind of destiny gift: someone has to write their apa style research paper for them, some distant relative must leave a million heritage to them. If such miracles don’t happen, they build up their own sandcastle of promises to the world, other people and themselves: “Next summer I will turn our garden into a paradise”. “You will see I’ll do it much better next time “. Man of action. People destructively oriented at present are none the better. They are always poking their noses into other people’s business, chattering hours on end and are doing nothing. They are pathologic personalities – they don’t have a memorable past to live and revel in it. Moreover, it does not make a significant contribution to the present. Their future is chaotic and obscure, but what is even more important it has a weak connection with their current life. These messy creatures always avoid judging themselves objectively and the phrase, distinguishing them is “I am so busy now that I have hardly any time for…”

Constructive character orientation. Unlike all the described above types, this personality lives a real life in real time. It does not, however, mean that these people live only in the present. They also need both past and future, but not to sink in them for ever and find sense of life in them. They focus on the present and past and future are in the background. A person of this sort expresses actual not imaginary opportunities; he tries to overcome life difficulties with his own effort. These are the people who really appreciate the value of life, as they value every minute of it. There is no need to say what type of personality makes the most of life – it is obvious. One fair look at yourself and your great desire to change will make a powerful start for the birth of a new personality who enjoys every moment of his life.