Thyroid Problems

The proportion of people diagnosed with thyroid problems increases according to the age range. The older you are, the more susceptible you become to this condition. But this does not mean that if you are young, you cannot develop a thyroid condition.

Your thyroid is a small gland found in your neck, just below your Adam’s apple. It has a lot of responsibility in your body for controlling the body’s use of hormones and vitamins, controlling growth rate, as well as regulating your metabolism. So if it does begin to ‘malfunction’, it can affect your body in numerous ways.

If you have an under-active thyroid, in other words it is producing too little hormones, one of the more common symptoms is hair loss. Dry skin, constipation and a tendency to become tired easily are also common symptoms of this condition. An under-active thyroid may be referred to as hypothyroidism.

Fortunately though, being diagnosed with an under-active thyroid gland is not the end of the world. it is a common condition which for most people, is easily treatable without undergoing surgery. Though it may take a bit of time for the right dosage and medication to be found for you, once found your symptoms should be kept in check.

After finding the right medication and dosage, your hair should begin to grow back after a short period of time. But depending on the scale of your hair loss, you may wish to consider other options whilst waiting for your medication to take effect.

Permanent hair loss treatments such as hair transplants are not recommended, since your condition is temporary. What you may wish to consider are the temporary options such as changing your hair style. Or if this is not something you wish to try, there are numerous hair growth products available, each of which claim to work.

Whether or not you decide to try a temporary hair loss solution, you could also try simple low cost remedies such as a scalp massage, and eating a balanced diet. Both of these options are strongly believed to promote hair growth, and you don’t need to suffer from thyroid problems in order to try them.

Although, as mentioned earlier, thyroid problems tend to affect the older more than the younger generation, you can be affected at any age. If you believe that a thyroid problem is behind your hair loss, it’s always best to consult a medical professional at the earliest opportunity to be certain.