Thrill of Skiing in Turkey

Although an unlikely attraction, yet skiing is one of the best options to indulge in while you are enjoying your Turkey holidays. Skiing holidays at Turkey during the months of winters (November to May) is the newer attraction that is being popularized by the government at a large scale. Owing to the presence of plenty of skiing resorts, your Turkey holidays are in for a treat of different kind. With the fabulous mountainous slopes and the picture perfect backdrop of forest areas, skiing holidays have no better destination than Turkey.

The best part of the slopes in Turkey is the altitude. These are of moderate heights that make them ideal destination for Turkey holidays. The visitors just love the accessibility of these slopes, as large numbers of tourists are mostly novices. Low altitudes ensure less risk for the amateur skiers. However, experts and professionals need not worry. Their skiing holidays are perfectly safe. There are slopes as high as 3000 meters that will adequately test your skills as a professional.

Turkey is home to some great ski resorts. The major features of some of these are highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Antalya has gorgeous Saklikent Ski Center at a height of 200 meters. It has all the modern facilities of guesthouse, restaurants, shops, and supermarket to keep the tourists hooked on for long.

Bursa has picturesque Uludag Ski Center at a height of 1900 meters. Easily accessible through road or by cable car, the place has some great hotels and other facilities that are quite famous among the visitors.

Kartalkaya is another great ski resort situated 50 kilometers from Bolu. The place has some moderate heights of 1500-2000 meters, and a splendid place of touristsÂ’ interest.

Palandöken Ski Center near Erzurum is one of the best resorts for professionals with heights of up to 1000 meters. This is one of the most difficult slopes in Turkey and require great skills to master. This is also one of the fastest developing tourist spot with government planning to launch skiing holidays tourism in a big way.

Some other good Ski resorts in Turkey include Sarikamis, Bubi, Bolkar, Elmadag, Erciyes, Ilgaz Mountain, Kurucadag, and Zigana. With so many fabulous skiing spots to look forward to, your Turkey holidays are bound to be memorable ones. If you are looking for some quality time to spend during the family holidays, Turkey beckons like never before.