Three Wedding Accessory Considerations for the Marriage Ceremony

A wedding accessory is that special additional item that enhances the wedding ceremony and adds to the special feeling of the day for the bride and groom. Often the wedding accessory is an opportunity for family members to take an active part in the celebration of two lives becoming one.

Three such wedding accessories that add value to the celebration of love and commitment are the unity candle, the aisle runner, and the ring bearer pillow.

Unity Candle

A wedding accessory that symbolizes the marital union of not only two lives but also the joining of two families is the unity candle. With two tapers on either side of a large pillar candle this wedding accessory is prominently placed in proximity to the site of the marriage ceremony. Prior to the arrival of the bride-to-be, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom come forward and light the two tapers.

During the actual ceremony, the bride and groom move forward to the unity candle and light the large pillar candle from the flames of the two separate tapers. The lighting of the unity candle symbolically reflects their new family and the union from two separate families. This wedding accessory can be personalized and can include pictures of the bride or the groom and their family. It can also include a picture of the bride and groom together.

Aisle Runner

An additional wedding accessory that accents the ceremonial entry of the bride is the aisle runner. This accessory is rolled out for the bride as if she were walking on a red velvet carpet.

This wedding accessory distinguishes the bride on her special day and serves to underscore her commitment, beauty, and the sacredness of the journey that she and her groom are undertaking.

Ring Bearer Pillow

One additional wedding accessory that adds value and joy to the wedding ceremony is the ring bearer pillow carried by the ring bearer. Often a young beautiful child is selected to carry out this responsibility. This small cushioned pillow reflects the colors of the wedding party and is carried to the altar by the young child. Tied on top are the symbols of love and commitment as reflected in the wedding bands to be exchanged by the bride and groom. The shyness and innocence of the young child adds to the beauty of the marriage ceremony and is often a moment when the wedding guests let out with a collective ahhhh.