4 Steps to Happiness

Do you hear the phrases “self-love” or “loving yourself” and wonder what that really means or how to go about doing it? Are there things about yourself that you’re not sure you even like, never mind think that you could love? No matter where you are in your life, or what you may think about yourself, read on to find self love techniques that will bring more happiness and satisfaction to your life.

Whether you’re single, married, or divorced, the sooner you start loving yourself, the faster all of your other relationships will be filled with fun, closeness, caring and happiness. Why? Because what you focus your attention on grows. When you start noticing all the wonderful things about yourself, other people will have no choice but to see them too.

In this article, we will focus on the three beginning steps toward self-love and achieving true happiness.

Step one: Investigate your thinking. Believe it or not, the things that you think a/bout determine how you feel about yourself and everything else in your life. We are raised in a culture that teaches us to focus on what’s right and what’s wrong. When you’re always focusing on what’s wrong with yourself, you’re bound to feel bad. Practice investigating your thoughts by using your feelings as an alarm. The next time you feel uncomfortable in any way, try to identify what you were thinking about just before you started feeling uncomfortable.

Step two: Know what’s deeply important to you. The fastest way to achieve life-changing results is by discovering what’s most important to us. These things are hidden beneath the storm of feelings that we experience every day. Using step one, you have now identified what you were thinking about just before you started feeling uncomfortable. At this point, you could start asking yourself questions such as: “What is so important to me in this situation that makes me feel this way?”

For example, underneath profound sadness, there might be the regret of a dream lost. Hidden within confusion could be a strong desire for understanding. Beneath anger, there could be a need for effectiveness. When you can get beyond your feelings to what you value—what’s deeply important to you—you will start to notice wonderful qualities about yourself that you can enjoy and can easily learn to love.

Step three: Remember that you’re never alone. Although at times you may feel very lonely, once you learn to pause when you start to feel uncomfortable and identify what is most important to you beneath your feelings, you will find that you always have YOU. Using these self-love techniques you are guaranteed to find the best friend you’ve ever had and will be well on your way to mastering the true art of happiness.

Step four: Use self help tools like hypnosis or subliminal products  to regain Joy and Happiness to improve your mood, and your well being. meditation can be also done in your spare time.