Three Powerful Statements of Positive Affirmations that Can Dramatically Change Your Life

There are three powerful statements of affirmations that can change your life. They are so powerful that, if used regularly, could change your life for
the better and dramatically increase your self esteem and confidence.

What are these powerful statements that can change your life and your self esteem and confidence?

These are affirmations that apply specifically to you. These are affirmations of changes that you would like to occur in your life. By using these affirmations over and over again, you will change your opinion of yourself for the positive. You will become the person you affirm to be. As you become that person you affirm, your self esteem and confidence will increase dramatically and your life will dramatically improve. You will begin living the life of your dreams.

The first statement of affirmation is, the “I am ……” statement. It is a statement that defines who you are as a person. You can achieve a full list of “I am” statements by taking a personal positive inventory of your attributes, strengths, talents, and competencies. Examples include:

I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am an incredibly happy person.
I am lucky.
I am full of self confidence.
I am creative.
I am talented.
I am competent.
I am a great person to know.
I am a great friend.

The second one is the statement, the “I can …..” statement. This is a statement of positive affirmations of your abilities to accomplish goals. It is a statement of your belief in your power to grow, to change, and to help yourself. Examples include:

I can lose weight.
I can change.
I can be positive.
I can be happy.
I can be strong.
I can be a winner.
I can laugh and be fun.
I can become whatever I want to become.
I can achieve my goals.

The third one statement is the, “I will…..” statement. This is a positive statement of what you want to happen. It is a statement also of what you want to accomplish or become. It can also be goal oriented. It is a success prophecy. Examples include:

I will have a great day today.
I will be more patient and loving to my children today.
I will smile more today.
I will have more than enough time to accomplish everything I need to do today.
I will manage my time better today.
I will make the time to exercise today.
I will take better care of myself today.
I will feel good about myself today.
I will accomplish my goal by a specific time.
I will accomplish anything that I sent my mind to.
I will have a big home.
I will get good grades.
I will be part of the basketball team.
I will be at my goal weight by my reunion.

These are powerful affirmations of statements. They are different for each person and very personal. Use these affirmations everyday, even on those days when you don’t feel like it or even if you don’t believe it is true. As you affirm, you will change your core belief of yourself. You will become that person that you affirm or dream to become. Your self esteem and confidence will skyrocket. You will be a new and self confident person. The sky is the limit. So start your affirmations today.